Nvidia will really goes in open source ?!

see this

since this GPL condom


Hell i don’t know…So many years of lies, cheating and artificial obsolescence… :unamused:

But sure hope they do :heart_eyes:


They released some documents to the nouveau developers, on that part is ok to release some data…

but can understand they want to protect there newer card. aslong there is some support is all fine…if they free up the code, they probably afraid of reverse engineeering :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t hold my breath. I think because so many young people are getting exposed to OSS the demand for big tech companies to get behind it is definitely growing so I think eventually we may see some olive branch extended by NVIDIA but they will be small steps. It would make my day if they made their drivers open source, but I am guessing they’re going to start off much smaller in that space.


Usually i’d say that each time it happens (yes, i’m looking at you Microsoft!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) it always means subvert -> hijack -> destroy…

But in case of Nvidia they have nothing to hijack and destroy, since they are creators, so maybe this time it’s positive…

Plus seeing all this years :fu: from Linus Torvalds must be hard! :rofl:


“This finger wrote Linux” :rofl:


One can remain ever hopeful that some improvement will come… Even a little bit would be a good first step.

Although this comes from somebody who just spent the last 2 hours trying to get optimus-manager to play nicely with my hybrid laptop and shut the nvidia card off when the intel driver is loaded and nothing seems to work. So maybe I’m engaging in some wishful thinking here :wink:

The nvidia driver debacle is just that…a debacle.

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Naah, you’re fine :upside_down_face:

Both Nvidia and AMD Optimus switchable graphics - are extremely bad idea in general, it always had and will have a lot of problems on any OS!

Only fair judgement would be pure Nvidia vs pure AMD drivers :wink:

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Did you get it working? I eventually gave up on that and installed optimus-switch. Computer is performing much better now.