NVIDIA update on Sep 23rd broke my video/display

Has anyone seen anything about the solution to this yet? Had a proper man-look :rofl: can’t see anything…

The only thing i see so far is downgrading or the unplug the hdmi then plug it back in after post… but no real fix

That is what I thought. Don’t like holding packages back, can be dangerous :frowning:

I agree. I’m hoping Nvidia releases a new driver this week but I might pick up a DP cable to hdmi and see if it solves at least some of the issue. If I can upgrade but have to use a DP cable i’d be okay with that.

Just an update… Nvidia acknowledged the issue and able to reproduce it. Hopefully they can fix it soon.


has any tested nvidia-… 520.56.06-1 just available? any issues?

Working for me on Plasma X11 and Wayland, glitchy on Sway (so no change!).

The new nvidia driver fixed my black screen issue. 12900k with a 3090.