NVIDIA support for Sway Wayland is coming


That’s a great news! I’m not using sway just for that reason!!


I’ll believe it when I see it :wink:

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Talking about nvidia, I found today that nvidia-dkms (the 470 driver) and other nvidia driver packages can be installed via pacman extra repo. Is that new? I thought we can only install these drivers via AUR on arch.

This could have been done years ago if Nvidya published the source code for their drivers.

Off topic rant

But they don’t want to do that, probably because the old cards would still be usable instead on ending up as e-waste. My old card, before I switched to AMD, was a pretty decent one, except Nvidya decided to stop supporting it with drivers. To have such a good card, there being nothing wrong with it, end up as e-waste, when e-waste is such a big environmental issue, is truly tragic. I haven’t thrown mine away, but it will forever sit in some cardboard box on the shelf in my workshop.

Switching to AMD was the best thing I did this year.

So, I don’t care what they do now, it’s too late, they’ve already lost me as a customer.


I would say if something works, I would buy it if it’s better. On Windows I would still prefer an Nvidia GPU, especially because of RayTracing support. So if Nvidia GPUs work properly on Linux with Wayland/XWayland, I would just use the one that’s best performance and money wise. Right now I use a AMD GPU, but in the future it may very well be Nvidia again. Until the point I wanted to use Wayland, my Nvidia card also was more than good with anything I tried. I’m just happy I can use my old Nvidia PC in a few month as a second desktop.

Yeah, but ray tracing support is only available in new Nvidya cards, even though many older cards have the hardware which is more than capable for it, but Nvidya refuses to update the drivers (in order to sale new cards, of course). It also doesn’t give you Vulkan support for older cards, too, even though the hardware itself is not a problem.

I consider that to be a direct insult. Now, if you want to continue to be a customer of someone who insults and disrespects you, that’s your right, of course. I have more self-respect than that, and I’m willing to pay the small price of having a slightly inferior AMD card, that has open source drivers which allow me to take full advantage of it throughout its entire hardware lifespan.

I guess we have different needs and expectations. I don’t take anything personal and for me pcs and the hardware are just tools, which I have no emotional stakes in. If something works, I use it, if it’s better price wise. I never had any problems with Nvidia software and hardware, so I’m not really invested in this feud. I’m just a pragmatic.


Unfortunately similar things happen with phones, but in much larger scale.
Manufacturers just stop updating the software, which leads to huge amounts of e-waste.
Hard to understand why this is not illegal everywhere…


Well, you can’t force the manufacturer to update the driver, slavery is, as of making this post, still outlawed in the civilised world.

However, they should be forced by law to release the source code for legacy devices, so that users can form communities and update them themselves. Of course, big corporations control the legislature, so there’s a fat chance of that happening any time soon.

It’s more profitable for them to create e-waste, while virtue signalling to their simpleton customer base about how they care for the environment.

Louis Rossmann said it best:

You don’t give a :poop: about this giraffe, Tim Cook![source]


Sorry to break it to you, but when you need money to live on this planet, your a slave.

I luckily found a LineageOS rom for my 4 year old phone which wasn’t being supported anymore and was buggy. Otherwise my phone might have contributed to the e waste problem.
From now on I’m only going to buy phones that lineage os supports

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This forum is not a place for such commie nonsense. Take your politics elsewhere.

Glad we got that straight :wink:

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Doesn’t really matter anyway since I can’t find a new gpu from nvidia OR amd at any sort of reasonable price. lol So, the best one these days is one you can actually get your hands on!


You can. You just need to get lucky while the drops happen. For example AMD has drops every thursday at around 16 CET. Got a 6700 XT and 6800 XT in the last two months for me and a friend.

You will get placed in a queue by random and therefore have a somewhat “decent” chance to get one.

Anybody running Nvdia on Sway?

I tried it with the new 495 driver. I had some issues and flickering, which I couldn’t get rid of. Xwayland didn’t work properly for gaming and sway sometimes froze. I personally don’t think it will be usable any time soon and I probably won’t bother trying it again.


Same thing happened to me with a Gnome installation last night, Wayland is still pretty green, at least as far as I’m concerned, Xorg is still first.


Ya… i don’t know why they keep saying it’ ready. Far as I’m concerned i don’t care if it’s xorg, wayland or something else but it has to work or I’m not interested.