Nvidia-installer isn't in repos

So I was following a guide on how to install Nvidia drivers with Optimus on my laptop, but the “sudo pacman -S nvidia-installer” doesn’t work it just returns “target not found” I’m not sure as to why it isn’t in the repos it seems, I have tried doing “sudo pacman -Syu” and “sudo pacman -Syyu” but It didn’t help, [Guide] Install Nvidia hybride graphics with Optimus and Vulkan support

I’ve checked if the “nvidia-installer” is already installed on the system and it isn’t.

You probably want to use nvidia-installer-dkms instead.


I second the “nvidia-installer-dkms”.

How did you install your OS? WIth the official EndeavouOS ISO?
It sounds like your /etc/pacman.conf file does not have the EndeavourOS repositories enabled. The EndeavourOS repositories are different from the Arch Linux repositories. nividia-installer-dkms is in the EndeavourOS repos, not the Arch Repos. The /etc/pacman.conf file should have a section as here

SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist

And the config file /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist should exist.


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I don’t think nvidia-installer is in the repo anymore. Or, at least, it isn’t in my mirror.

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The PKGBUILD is in the PKGBUILDS github repository.

Since @manuel and @joekamprad are making massive changes, I am not sure where the actual package is stored anymore. But it is definitely not an Arch package nor in the AUR.


To be clear, the OP was looking for nvidia-installer.

nvidia-installer-dkms is definitely in the repo.

Sorry for the confusion.

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I believe that nvidia-installer is no longer available. So I would highly recommend the OP use nvidia-installer-dkms or refer to the Arch Linux WiKi.


Sorry, i misread your statement in Post #4

You were correct, nvidia-installer is not in the repo anymore.
It’s late, I should go to bed instead of trying to think anymore.

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The nvidia-installer is no longer in the repo and it’s recommended to use the nvidia-installer-dkms version. There are some changes going on and we may update the wiki page to reflect same.

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Just for general knowledge:

Repo contents EnOS
┌21:44:10 WD= [~/Documents/Appinfo/AKM]
└───freebird@nest ─▶$ paclist endeavouros
akm 2.8.8-2
arc-x-icons-theme 2.1-3
downgrade 10.1.0-1
endeavouros-keyring 1-5
endeavouros-mirrorlist 4.0.3-1
endeavouros-theming 6.4-2
endeavouros-xfce4-terminal-colors 2-1
eos-apps-info 1-1
eos-bash-shared 1.9.7-1
eos-log-tool 1.4.7-1
eos-rankmirrors 2.0.5-1
eos-translations 1.1.37-1
eos-update-notifier 1.13.7-1
grub-tools 1.6.5-1
grub2-theme-endeavouros 20210131-1
mkinitcpio-openswap 0.1.0-3
nvidia-installer-db 2.4.24-1
nvidia-installer-dkms 3.3.8-3
pahis 0.3.3-1
reflector-simple 1.17.3-1
welcome 3.14.2-1
yad-eos 10.1-1
yay 10.3.1-1
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It was aleady removed long time ago…

Perhaps this helps, -Ss is for searching, it will tell you what repo the packages are in as well:

$ pacman -Ss nvidia-installer
endeavouros/nvidia-installer-db 2.4.24-1
    Database for the script to setup nvidia drivers in EndeavourOS
endeavouros/nvidia-installer-dkms 3.3.9-1
    Script to setup nvidia drivers (dkms version) in EndeavourOS
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it was simply only the users thread not updated to fit the changes done some times ago… we decided to only maintain the dkms version of the script…

The article from @wimmetje is also on discovery wiki: how-to-enable-nvidia-optimus
where it is getting regular updates…