Nvidia gpu not found error

Hi i have updated my system and my nvidia drivers were gone, i reintalled them but then when i boot the boot loader (systemd) tells me that it failed to activate the nvidia persistent service and it shows no driver

Can someone help?

Ryzen 7 and nvidia geforce rtx 4060 gpu

Are you able to show the full hardware output? Just post the url.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

Edit: You could run the following command and revert to nouveau first then reboot.

nvidia-inst -n

Then you can run the following test.

Show what divers for the card. Should be the latest.

nvidia-inst --drivers

Run a test install that doesn’t make any changes but shows if it will succeed.

`nvidia-inst -t

Then if all good run the install.


still shows no nvidia card detected

Can you show the output for the hardware by posting the url?

Edit: It’s always better to post the full output so we can see what it shows.


The inxi output shows you have AMD graphics, not Nvidia. Are you sure you have Nvidia?
If so, then it can be a hardware problem.

Another idea is to check a possible update for your motherboard firmware.

i have an asus gaming a15 2023 with rtx 4060

You could try installing the drivers this way.

sudo pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils nvidia-settings lib32-nvidia-libgl

Edit: Then reboot.

i tried to update the firmware and it seems to have no updates, i have an amd cpu but i also have a nvidia dedicated gpu o my laptop

How are you switching between the GPUs?

envy control

Maybe something got messed up with it.

What kernel parameters are you using?

should i remove it?

Follow what @manuel suggests.

the up to date mainline kernel

Did envy control work well before the problematic update?

it did but when i did yay update the problem started