Nvidia driver slashes crypto mining performance on gaming cards

In short - we don’t want you to do your thing, you’ll buy whatever WE want :joy:

Although i’m not a miner, but that’s just ridiculous.
Let’s make more creepy control-freak stuff, instead of open-source drivers…sure :woozy_face:

P.S. btw it’s super-easy to hack their driver with .inf on Windows anyway to trick drivers into thinking that’s another hardware, so it’s also absolutely pointless measure to counter tech savvy miners :rofl:

:clown_face: vidia

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To be fair, this is something that their customers have been complaining about for a long time. Gamers have been frustrated that cryptominers consume too much of the supply keeping them out of the hands of gamers.


I know, and as a gamer myself i was pretty pissed as well, however it’s not fair what they’re doing anyway.

It’s just bs.

This both won’t help gamers and won’t stop miners at all (well i think tech savvy miners population know same stuff i know, but we’ll see…).

Basically what they’re doing is just same old driver-controlled differentiation between same hardware (they’ve done it for years since about 8000 series of cards).

For example hardware between top gamer model of that era and Quadro card was identical, and the only difference was in the driver (they’ve just suppressed top gamer model performance).

It was very easy to fix with driver mod, not so much for people who payed thousands of dollars for Quadro cards though…

Same old liars, this is exactly the reason why they will never open-source their drivers.

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Technically, also the warranty. Consumer cards aren’t guaranteed for non-consumer workloads.


With price difference somewhere between x2-x5 i guess it worth a try, since even if something will go wrong - you still can buy same card multiple times :laughing:

When i was doing driver mods like that, cards were fine (8800GTS / GTX 580) and was way more performant (also with “features” unlocked, like 10 bpc display support for example) :yum:

scamvidia, Linus got something for them :rofl:


That’s what I would call a creative solution. :rofl:
Exactly the kind of humor/humour I like.
I never would have expected Nvidia to be THAT innovative. :sunglasses:

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