Nvidia 555 Stable

Hey, relatively new to arch and endeavour OS so im not sure what the general approach to nvidia drivers are (other then a PIA to fix :smile: )
How does the update process go for endeavour OS? Is it included in an eos-update? Or do we have to go about updating the drivers to 555 ourselves?

Im coming from bazzite myself where everything is packaged as part of a system update using os-tree so just trying to get used to the approach here that most people take.

Edit: I should have said, the drivers have now gone stable today https://www.phoronix.com/news/NVIDIA-555.58-Linux-Driver hence the question

Check the Arch wiki for Nvidia driver installation and whatnot.

As a TL;DR: EOS provides an utility called nvidia-inst, which attempts to install the drivers for you automatically. The way you install them manually is as follows:

  • There are three packages available: nvidia, nvidia-lts and nvidia-dkms:
    • nvidia is for the standard Linux kernel;
    • nvidia-lts is for the LTS release of the standard Linux kernel;
    • nvidia-dkms is for custom kernels.
      Best is to just install nvidia-dkms, if you have a modern card. Check the Arch wiki for more details.
  • After installing it, you will need to set a kernel parameter to activate. To do this on EOS, do the following
    1. Open terminal as root
    2. Go to /boot/loader/entries/
    3. Find the appropriate .conf file (there will be one for each kernel you have installed)
    4. In the options line, add nvidia-drm.modeset = 1
    5. Save the file and rebuild the images using # reinstall-kernels
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If you install the nvidia drivers in the repos, they will come in through your normal updates.

However, it does take some time for them to hit the repos. They won’t be available the moment they are released.

Ah okay, i do have nvidia-inst installed by looks of it, it is hitting an error though that the id data is not available from
https://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/555.58/README/supportedchips.html’! Curl exit code 0.
2024-06-27 19:27:45: Error: nvidia-driver-supported-branches could not fetch card ids from Nvidia.

I am getting a 404 error on that, so potentially the nvidia-inst fetch has the wrong url?

You only need to use that tool if you don’t already have the drivers installed. That tool isn’t for updating.

Oh apologies misunderstood there :slight_smile:

You just need to wait. It hasn’t been updated in the repos yet.


Ah okay, thanks for the link! Will mark that down to keep an eye on it :smiley:

When it does become in the repos, what would be the process of updating?

Just update your system as normal and it will get updated. Nothing special is required.

However, you update your system, sudo pacman -Syu, yay, paru, eos-update, etc. Any of them will work.

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under EOS, just run yay. Just update the system as normal.

ah amazing, cheers all!

give it like a day maybe for the repos to update, then just update.

like winnyace said, just run yay nvidia and check the version you’re offered if you wanna see if the update’s available or not.

The eos-update tool includes some useful helpers to keep keyrings in sync and such. This command sets the default helper to yay, and also check nvidia driver vs kernel updates.

eos-update --nvidia --yay
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Just letting you know they are in the stable repos now.


Which mirror?

In extra-testing/nvidia-dkms.

OK, thanks.

But that repo is not stable but testing… @d-air1

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Whoops, sorry I jumped the gun.

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Thanks all for the help, do appreciate it. Hopefully testing will go well, ill be adopting it when it goes to the stable branch, done too much testing in bazzite for that driver and dont want to do it again out of fear of breaking my system.

Updated with yay, everything seems to be working fine

$ pacman -Qi nvidia                                                                                                                        
Name            : nvidia-dkms
Version         : 555.58-1