Number 2 on Make Use Of's Best Distros of 2022 List

Congrats to the EnOS Team, Mods, and everyone in the community who makes this such an incredible distro!


Should be number 1, MX sucks in comparison :joy:



MX is way to bloated for me, i stick with endeavouros or arch thats fine by me

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Definitely not copied from DistroWatch.

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Don’t say that, MX is #1 so it must be amazing. Actually, in the last few weeks I noticed all upvotes for EOS have been constantly turned to 0. There were like 30-40 upvotes for each review before. At the same time MX gets the same number of upvotes each day, for reviews that have been published just 1 or 2 hours ago. This is Sparta, no competitors! Then again, distrowatch is all about enticing people to click their ads, so who cares.

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Yes, the only problem with :clown_face:watch is that it has long become self-fulfilling prophecy…
Coz every newcomer will certainly get there when doing their search for best Linux distro, or whatever else they search for this days…

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It is interesting how many people still consider Manjaro Linux to be one of the best Arch-based distributions instead of EndeavorOS. It is also undeniable that there are few distributions that have achieved as much development as EndeavorOS in such a short period of time (speaking of software development, three years is not a particularly significant period of time).

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This is also why it is interesting that, for being a distribution with a rolling release model, EndeavorOS can be at least as stable as MX Linux, which is traditionally based on a point release model, and which was known to only a few people in Antix’s era, alongside Debian.

EOS is remarkably stable and I never had to reinstall, lost work or anything. I had way more issues when I was a Debian user than now with the dreaded rolling release model…

Is it though?