November release is cancelled

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Due to problems in time management, we’ve decided to cancel the November release.

In the end, we were not contempt with the definitive November version, our sincere apologies to the community members who seeded this release on torrent.

At this moment Joe, Manuel, Fernando and the Moderators are working hard to realise the December release.

A little side note to the Endeavour community: You are a great and wonderful community. I always said that Endeavours identity is the net-installer and the community, thank you for making this distro a success.

I promise you, I won’t let you down by dropping you all of a sudden, Joe, Manuel and the moderators are still available and Endeavour is still rolling.


Thank you guys for the hard work! :smiley:
I don’t have a problem waiting another month for the net-installer, I have to admit that I am EAGER to get it installed in my computer but I consider it better waiting for an installer that works than having an installer that might potentially cause problems that lead to more time expended in solving unnecessary issues that could have been avoided just by expending the necessary time to make it work (or so I guess that you are referring to problems like that and that’s why you won’t be releasing it yet).
I might install the system today using this short “guide” here to get Plasma, while I wait for the next release.
THANKS!!! once more! :stuck_out_tongue:
EndeavourOS Rocks!!!


I work in Civil Engineering. In this field, I have often encountered the following saying:

You can have: high quality, low cost, quick turnaround. Pick two.

This saying applies to many things – including Linux distros.

So, take the time you need to do things right. The community will be here for you.


I think no ETA is the best ETA, isn’t necessary to deliver a update every month, this is a rolling release distro, calm down and pay the heed to the community, don’t push too hard your developers, all of you are doing a marvelous job, i love the distro and makes my live easier. :heart_eyes:


There are two types of people:
Ones who will eat the uncooked dough, later complaining about stomach aches and ones who will wait patiently to eat the baked goods, later patting the chef on the back, thanking him for the awesome pie.
Which one are you?


Rolls Royce has the reputation it has because of what it does best: building quality cars of the highest quality. I feel the same way on this distro. When the next release happens it will be worth the wait. All of us who use EndeavourOS are truly happy on the product and what it’s capable of. Out of this brief wait will come a desktop that will be better than ever. And I for one am willing to patiently wait.


Dear Bryan, et. al.,

Thank you for keeping us informed about that which is occurring. Obviously creating and maintaining such a complex operating system is very difficult at best and it requires a lot of time. When you’re working for a living, time is a precious commodity.

I hope that you will be able to create new installation media which will contain a net-installer, as that appears to be what the majority of users wish.

I myself have had absolutely no problem with the Calamares installer currently in use (for the last few years I have used Xfce exclusively, regardless of the distro) and I have installed EndeavourOS onto six different computers. But I can appreciate why many people would like a net-installer with more choices.

That said, if you are unable to create a satisfactory net-installer, I would recommend that you just issue another release in December in the current style. Those people installing via Calamares should have little or no problems in doing so and even only fairly experienced users should have no trouble in configuring the way they want EndeavourOS to be.

I would also recommend that you do not issue a monthly release; once every two months should be quite satisfactory and would take some pressure off you. I think that a message on the download site (as you have now - the October installation medium still works as long as you remove Kalu) is all that most people would need if such a message were to be needed.

It might also be helpful, on the main page, to emphasize that this distribution is not for beginners. Have you seen Review # 41 of EndeavourOS on DistroWatch? Obviously this was posted by someone who is either inexperienced or who is unable/unwilling to do a little research as how to use Arch-based systems. EndeavourOS is certainly not for him/her!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: you guys are doing an absolutely great job with this distribution and I sincerely thank you for it. It is the best GNU/Linux distribution I have ever used (and I hope that it continues to exist for many, many years to come).

Thank you again.



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