Notification area issue

Just installed a fresh copy of EndeavourOS using XFCE as the desktop and everything work well except the notification area icons.

When I changed the icon theme, everything refreshed except the notification area icons. It goes the opposite. Say the icons are white, the notification icons will go black. How can I make the notification area icons to refresh along with other icons?

Thank you

What theme are you changing from and to? What’s your background color and the panel settings around color and/or using the background?

These are the setting I have so far…

Appearance, Style - Arc-lighter
Appearance, Icons, Tela circle
Panel, Solid colour - blue

Naturally, the panel icons should go white. Everything is nearly beautiful apart from the notification area icons.

I’ve added a screenshot below. Hope that helps…

Sorry this has taken me so long to get back to you, work can be annoying. I dug around some on my own xfce set up and online and everything I’ve seen points to it being driven by the icon theme you are using. I would try digging around and see if there is another one out that that give you the same kind of feel on the desktop and in the file manager, but have the color you need for the notification icons.

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Thank you for trying and I did came up with a compromise… Arc instead of Arc-Lighter, which gave a uniform white icons.

Thanks again

It’s hard to get a good theme. I also had problems with a white theme. I also had problems with notification area icons. The network icon did not want to play nicely. I only found 1 icon theme that I tested that fixed everything. Papirus! Just test around until you find a solution.


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exactly that icon themes are mostly not complete and the naming of icons is screwed often as an extra.
On Top of this some apps are not configured to link to generic icons and use app specific ones like blueberry (bt-manager) shows a black oversized BT-Icon on panel. you can change this only by changing them manually (e.g. creating symlinks to fitting icons one by one… )


If XFCE developers just focus on icons and modernised the look XFCE will be just perfect in every way