Not shutdown on Dell XPS 9315

Hi, I just bought a new Dell XPS 9315 and am experiencing some issues. One of which is that I cannot halt or reboot the computer.

I get a message in the console after the halt signal:

“Watchdog did not stop!”
“Waiting for process: 341 (systemd-udev)”

I have to long-press the power button to shut the machine down.

This is my hardware info:

P.S. Other problems are:

  • Sound only works with headphones
  • Draining batter when shutting the lid (no sleep?)

I suggest to check out the systemd article in the arch wiki and troubleshoot. There is a process still running that avoids your system to shut down. You need to figure out which one.

Please avoid this, as it can corrupt a file system, and read

That could be a bios setting that needs to be changed to allow for deep sleep 3.

Some vendors stopped allowing this by restricting bios config, hopefully that is not the case. I had that recently with Lenovo yoga slim 7.

Something about the soundcard driver here.

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This is a natural behavior, sometimes the shutdown lasts for a certain period of time, usually no more than two minutes. The long press of the shutdown button should only be used as a last resort, as it may cause the file system to crash. During the shutdown process, in the virtual terminal, according to my memories, the remaining time until shutdown was visible. Check this out.

The watchdog seems to be waiting on some device to disconnect (systemd-udev). If I don’t intervene, the computer is stuck till the battery drains.

You could try disabling watchdog:

You might also need to blacklist its modules thus preventing it from loading:

I have EOS running on several laptops, and I have never had to wait more than two minutes on any of them before it completely shuts down.

Isn’t this an issue for the EndeavourOS developers to troubleshoot? I have little idea what it all means.

No it’s not… The EOS devs provide this distro and support to run and install it for free. They don’t provide hardware support (in the sense that they cant change code to make each hardware work). Either the drivers are implemented in the Linux Kernel, or if proprietary, some drivers are provided in the AUR, and others need some special settings. Other problems like the sleep mode in bios is a stupidity that was driven by windows and is up to the laptop vendors to implement or not. We can’t really change code in their bios.

In most cases, as Linux user we need to do some homework before purchasing hardware as not every drivers are available. Else fixes might be needed. I know it is annoying but I guess the little sacrifice to pay to get awesome open source operating system and software for free.