[Not OC] Tux looking through Window

Just found this on Reddit. Maybe nice for ppl with dual boot? :wink:

Source: https://redd.it/rurw4x

Should he not be looking IN the window, to see if there is anything worthwhile in there? I’d hate for anyone to think he is trapped in there…

Pls complain on Reddit, I didn’t make this :grin: :wink:

Not complaining - just speculating! I worked on dropping Windows entirely since XP came out - the EULA was and is a joke (as is the ‘registry’)…

For me it was W10 and the automatic updates. But to be fair, I always liked those Wallpapers a lot. Minimalistic and nice!

Thanks, I hate it.


A little green, and maybe some pond life would improve it immensely! :frog:


I don’t think even frogs would save Windoze image for @Kresimir :rofl:

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Yeah, could really use more greenery and fewer windows.

In a way he is. WSL?




Frog on windows.


Haha, exactly 2008 i had exact the same thought.

So i created this 2008 as my Avatar for few Forums wich are down now:

embarrassing :sweat_smile:

Yeah, dual boot Arch / Vista was fun… every few days you could reinstall the bootloader. After few times, i simply installed grub on a SD-Card with hardware write protect on to avoid that :smiley: