[not a bug] ESP should be on /boot, not /boot/esp

Mounting the ESP (EFI System Partition) on /boot/esp is deprecated. Some tools depend on the standard mount point /boot.


Not if you want your /boot files encrypted along with the rest of your system.

I think you mean /boot/efi rather than /boot/esp.

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Could you elaborate on this a little bit further?

/efi is the replacement for /boot/efi, see here


Certainly, not the only way to mount the ESP.


Semantically /boot/esp or /boot/efi makes much more sense, if you ask me, since it makes sense to look anything boot related inside /boot…but whatever :upside_down_face:

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Not sure what you mean here?

  1. I think you mean efi, not esp?
  2. On an EFI system the boot loader will always be in /boot/efi, no matter where you actually mount the boot folder in question.
  3. Certain distros (notably Fedora and Pop among others) unfortunately put the kernel in the efi directory (while most distors put the kernel in the /boot directory directly and only the boot loader in /boot/efi), meaning you need at least 512 Mb and preferably 1 Gb which can mean dual boot with Windows might be more difficult since you have to create a second /efi partition on the storage media since Windows have a <220 Mb large efi partition by default.

edit: I see, they have moved the /efi parition out of boot for some reason. Might it have something to do with certain distros putting the kernel in it? It still feels much more illogical, and again, putting the kernel in the /efi directory seems like a direct attempt to make dual boot with windows impractical, which is the opposite of what the Linux community should want.

Edit the 2nd: The fact that according to the wiki " The /efi directory is not available by default, you will need to first create it with mkdir(1) before mounting the ESP to it" seems to indicate this is some half-baked weird preference someone in the Arch team came up with, especially since they admit no other distro uses this and that Arch itself actually don’t create the /efi directory.
Which, again, indicates this is someone’s own half-baked idea of a new “standard” that will make Arch less compatible with other distros.


… not for BIOS/MBR systems :rofl:

grub uses /boot/efi … and systemd-boot can use /efi but you stil need some hooks and workaround because your kernel images are in /boot… basicly you symlinking ot copyin with a hook to /efi or another workaround make mkinitcpio to do it there.

i setup systemd-boot, and its basicly here /boot/EFI and thats different then /boot/efi , if you do install on /boot/efi systemd-boot you get /boot/efi/EFI :stuck_out_tongue:

i know some uses /efi but he made it work there also.


MBR… that’s like 12 years since the last non efi pcs were manufactured I think? Didn’t it die with 32 bit computers?

Yep. Grub2 defaults to boot/efi.

In addition I do not mount my ESP during normal operation at all. I set it to noauto in my fstab.

The Arch Wiki offers two options for a UEFI installation. The /EFI option is possible but there are caveats and this is the other option:

mount ESP to /boot. This is the preferred method when directly booting an EFISTUB kernel from UEFI or booting it via a boot manager like systemd-boot.

I use systemd-boot on my Arch installation and this is the way to ensure that the boot process works seamlessly.

from the Development side i can say that we do not decide to install EndeavourOS this way, it is the installer framework doing it this way per default, to change this option must be implemented upstream, or we need to find someone changing the module for calamares here :wink:
I do try already to use systemdboot as default for efi installs, but it needs a lot changes on the installer, and a way to have a compatible solution for legacy systems aside from that.


I, like most users I assume, use GRUB, which means I will continue to use /boot/efi.

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i use stil my systemd-boot with /boot :slight_smile:

but in arch wiki also show lot of possibillity’s better use one standard is better to help also

I don’t use grub (except in unusual circumstances) but I always prefer /boot/efi - it works very well with rEFInd as well as being compatible with the setup on MOST other systems. I suppose if you are a single booter, the other makes some sense, but I can’t see making an effort to change it…


ESP is just another word for EFI. It’s the same thing. ESP has been used but mostly it is referred to as EFI. /boot/efi

I think that is what @BobCollins is referring that /boot/esp is deprecated. (No longer used)

Also probably why the installer no longer needs to have BOTH the esp and boot flags set on the /boot/efi partition. Only the boot flag is needed.

I have always used /boot/efi as mount point and flagged as /boot in the window below when installing.

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It used to be different a while back. Manjaro may still even do it that way. You used to have to set both flags. I have a post here somewhere about it. Another package changed and it was no longer needed for calamares. Let me see if i can dig it up.