NordVPN won't connect

Cheerio mates. I’m running EndeavourOS KDE Plasma 6 and ever since I updated last Tuesday, nordvpn will not connect. Before that it was working fine, no connection problem.
I’ve set up nordvpn following the instructions on the Arch wiki. I re-installed nordvpn and went through the whole setup procedure again, but to no avail; when I run nordvpn connect, it chooses a server and after a few seconds I get a message that nordvpn couldn’t connect. Is it possible that something is wrong with Plasma 6, or maybe the kernel?

Did you try to run it from the terminal or try the lts kernel?

Have a look at this thread where another user had a similar issue and found also a solution for it.
It may help you as well:

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Thank you very much, it worked straight away

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