NOOB to EndeavorOS - KDE Plasma Questions


I am completely new to EndeavorOS (Arch) and KDE Plasma. I am currently trying to run a couple of items with no luck and could really use some major Help.

I am trying to control my keyboard and mouse RGB with OpenRGB and view my temperatures for CPU, etc with no luck using the Temperature Monitor Widget, both seem broken on my system. Having used Linux for several years (just not Arch or any derivative thereof) I am still new to this distro.

Some notes:
Installed both from GIT using YAY
Both Built without errors

Not sure if I am missing something, so help (even hand holding) is very appreciated.


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welcome at the purple side of linux :enos:

And give some more info on the packages you try to use for this.


Welcome! :slight_smile:

It’s best to avoid -git as they’re not particularly stable, use openrgb or openrgb-bin (if you really trust the packager and able to check PKGBUILD, since it’s pre-compiled) :upside_down_face:

And since you’re new to Arch, read this it will help


  • Always prefer Free & Open-source (FOSS) software instead of proprietary.

  • Limit the amount of unofficial packages used to simplify maintenance.
    Make periodic checks on which are in actual use, and remove or replace with their official counterparts.

  • Use precaution when using packages from the AUR or an unofficial user repository.
    Most are supplied by regular users and thus may not have the same standards as those in the official repositories, therefore must be checked by you.


To improve stability and simplify maintenance:

  • Avoid cutting edge software and install only mature and proven software.
    Such packages are less likely to receive difficult upgrades such as major configuration changes or feature removals. Prefer software that has a strong and active development community, in order to simplify support in the event of a problem.

  • Avoid any use of the testing repository, even individual packages from testing.
    These packages are experimental and not suitable for a stable system.

  • Avoid packages which are built directly from upstream development sources.
    These are usually found in the AUR, with names including things like: dev, devel, svn, cvs, git, etc.


Listed by safety and stability.
Use only 1st, as the most trusted, and fallback to other sources only if you actually need it.


  1. Official repositories using pacman


    pacman -Ss PACKAGE_NAME


    pacman -Si PACKAGE_NAME


    sudo pacman -S PACKAGE_NAME
  2. Arch User Repository using AUR


    yay -Ssa PACKAGE_NAME


    yay -Sia PACKAGE_NAME


    yay -a PACKAGE_NAME
  3. Compile from Source code or create your own package using PKGBUILD.

    It’s best to create your own package, when you install program system-wide, even when you don’t intend to share it in the AUR, because pacman does a much better job than you at keeping track of files.

    If you install things manually you will, sooner or later, forget what you did, forget where you installed to, install conflicting software, install to the wrong locations, etc.

  4. Unofficial user repositories
    Adding unofficial keys


ArchWiki - System maintenance


Welcome to the forum, IainNitro!

I don’t know the Temperature Monitor Widget and therefore have no idea why it’s not working. If you are looking for an alternative you could try psensor, it works well on both of my machines.

AMD or Intel?

For AMD you may need

Repository      : AUR
Name            : zenpower-dkms
Version         : 0.1.12-2
Maintainer      : xythrez
URL             :
AUR URL         :
License         : GPL2
Provides        : zenpower
Conflicts With  : zenpower
Replaces        : None
Package Base    : zenpower-dkms
Last Update     : Sun Nov 15 04:07:41 2020
Description     : Linux kernel driver for reading sensors for AMD Zen family CPUs

Is lm_sensors working?


Thanks for the help so far, lm sensors is working and the suggestion for psensor seems to have worked.

the openrgb did start working after reboot, however, my built-in ethernet adapter (motherboard) stopped connecting and I can’t seem to fix it, Temporarily using a USB 3 adapter which connected straight away. not sure if the kernel got rebuilt in the process, may have to update the system?? Again thanks.

Michael, total Noob again :slight_smile:

You could post a link to this command.

inxi -Na | eos-sendlog

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Hi Rick:
Here is my output from the command you specified:

inxi -Na|eos-sendlog 127 ↵
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 532 0 24 100 508 90 1907 --:–:-- --:–:-- --:–:-- 2007

Your ethernet should run on the r8169 kernel module or the r8168 which is installed as a package on endeavourOS. You can try removing the r8168 package and reboot to see if it works on the kernel module. Some of these realtek chips work on r8169 and some on r8168. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove the r8168 package.


Thanks Rick, that fixed the Ethernet Issue.

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To all. the openrgb does not seem to do anything for my mouse and keyboard, the mouse is not showing as supported, but I will be replacing it with a supported mouse (Corsair). My keyboard is a corsair K57 RGB. It is seen, perhaps I need to figure out the RGB stuff.

Everything else seems to be working now.

FYI: My system is a rebuilt old Phenom II x6 (about 11 years old) with 16GB memory and modern SSDs. I could use a good used video card if anyone has a suggestion because the one I am using doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to do all the plasma things I would like. It is an AMD RX 460.

Again being new to KDE Plasma may be my whole issue.

Are you sure you need to bother with any software to run the keyboard and mouse. Mine has it’s own firmware and all rgb settings are done directly on the keyboard and mouse is same. Not sure on your mouse what it is.

Yeah I use the FN + combo to change colors cuirrently on the keyboard, the mouse not so sure it is just a generic wired gaming RGB and I will like the Corsair mouse much better I feel :slight_smile: I just wanted to have software control like icue as well. Not a deal breaker though. When I run openRGB, it turns off the keyboard backlight completely,

I don’t use any software on mine. I control it directly with the keyboard and mouse.

Yeah like I said, there is the fn key + number to change stuff on the keyboard, not so much within mouse. I think it has 3 modes for rgb and off is not one of them.

Love the Corsair swag though!

Thanks again, more to come as I setup this machine.

The community truly is great!

My mouse is controlled by pressing the scroll wheel.