No sound with qemu macOS

I installed qemu to virtualize macOS (I followed these tutorials

\ [Tutorial] How to install Virt-Manager Correctly on EOS/Arch base systems

The problem is that I do not have sound. I mean no error is detected when running macOS, and a generic sound card (“Line out (Green N/A)”) is apparently working. In the past, I succeeded to put this working with Ubuntu, but I read somewhere Arch has some problems with qemu.

Any idea?
many thanks

I don’t know about this claim though. I never have had any issues with QEMU since I configured it to work properly. Yes, I agree it’s not a well-documented VM system. I had bad experiences with VirtualBox than with QEMU.

I can’t say much about what could cause the issues with mac as a guest because I’ve never tried it. Did you try switching the virtual sound card device model to AC97?