No snapshots founds in grub-btrfsd

I followed the steps on the guide here but can’t seem to find any snapshots when executing
sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

At first it would say there was no file found in /boot/grub so I did
sudo grub-install

and now there are no snapshots found. I already selected btrfs in the timeshift wizard and created one snapshot before these steps. I feel like I’m following the guide perfectly but am having trouble!

I also think there’s a typo where it should be
sudo systemctl edit --full grub-btrfsd instead of
sudo systemctl edit –full grub-btrfsd

Are these services running?

systemctl status grub-btrfsd shows failed even after enabling

Did you enable it and start it?

I did the following:
sudo systemctl enable --now grub-btrfsd
sudo systemctl start --now grub-btrfsd
(with and without --now)
Active: failed

Are you using this with timeshift?

Yes, and I edited the file with a new line
ExecStart=/usr/bin/grub-btrfsd --syslog --timeshift-auto and saved it.

Maybe this helps?

Thank you, I’ll give this a read.

Okay… I don’t use timeshift. I use btrfs-assistant and snapper-support with btrfsmaintenance. So it’s a bit different.

I’m just looking for something easy with a GUI to make on-demand snapshots before I update all my packages. Timeshift showed up first :slight_smile:

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I followed this guide but no snapshots found :pensive:

Have you rebooted in between?

Did you install inotify-tools?

That package is needed for btrfs-grubd to function.