No option for online installation

My friends have encountered such a situation, currently out of vpn, there is no other way, I think it is still caused by the problem of blocking

The most important thing is that the detection of the installation detects no network, which is the point, I do not know what the system is using to detect the network, apparently the system is wrong.

So the only install options there are:

  1. use vpn
  2. install offline, and later change DE if you want

The vpn doesn’t have to be a permanent solution, whether it is installed online or offline, after the system is installed, if you cancel the vpn, the new system will still prompt inside the welcome that the system is not networked.

Does the network message come from Welcome or eos-update-notifier?

From eos-update-notifier before installation
After installation from welcome

What configuration do you have, namely:

grep EOS_CONNECTION_CHECKER /etc/eos-script-lib-yad.*

After I finished the installation via vpn and restarted my system, I received these 2 messages

After restart, do you have vpn in use already or not?
And does

  eos-connection-checker && echo OK || echo Fail

still show



The feedback is as follows.
eos_connection_checker selects the way how an internet connection availability is checked.

Show fail after installation

So you need vpn also in normal use, not just installation.
Blocking is likely the reason, as far as I can tell from this information.

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Can you give feedback on this issue to the relevant people? I hope this issue will be solved in the next version.

Let’s see what we can do.

By the way, if you add the Chinese mirror

Server =$repo/$arch

as the first in file


and mirror

Server =$repo/os/$arch

as the first in file


in the liveuser before installing, does that help, or do you still have to use vpn?


I apologize if this has already been checked. But can you verify that you can access on a browser the URL/IP that Calamares (for EndeavourOS) checks the internet with?

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Let’s just wait if @scvg009 has the decency to answer back before putting more effort and energy into this.

We all can shout and even put laughing face emoji’s when things go wrong. But if you do that to people who want to help you and don’t even bother to visit the website, because then this person would’ve known that Manuel is one of the “important people” that he/she wants to reach, then you’re wasting good people’s effort and time.

@scvg009 You really must understand that this project is run by volunteers and with that I mean the people behind the scenes and the entire community.
You should at least have the decency to show respect over here!!

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I looked up the configuration for the installer. Line 34 from the Welcome page configuration indicates that Calamares (for EndeavourOS) checks for

@scvg009 Could you check if you can access the above URL on a browser?

Read the post above this and put your well-intended effort into another post. :heart:
@scvg009 has to respond first, because this is not the way to ask for help.