No keychain available (protonmail-bridge error)

I want to setup protonmail-bridge but I get this error.

You need to install gnome-keyring or keepassxc

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Have you looked into what password managers are supported and required by protonmail-bridge for it to work properly?

I see that there are two packages in the AUR:

1. protonmail-bridge
2. protonmail-bridge-nokeychain

Which one have you installed?
The first one has some optional dependencies for keepassxc, gnome-keyring, pass…
Perhaps you would need one of these to make it work.


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I installed gnome-keyring but it’s asking for password for the ‘default keyring’ which I forgot. How do I reset it?

according to the arch wiki remove login.keyring and user.keystore from ~/.local/share/keyrings/