No audio input/output sometimes

Note: please tell me which logs to include and how to include them if nese

A couple of days ago this issue started I noticed it by my browser videos on youtube not playing.
Everytime I stop a video for example I have to reconnect the usb of my headphones to have sound and get input by my microphone again otherwise the video won’t play and in general my sound is gone.

So for clarification: reconnect usb → start video → stop video → reconnect usb → start video or do whatever

As far as I can see this only happens when i try to play videos in any browser.
I am very thankful for any help since this is quiet frustrating :confused:

if it matters I am using pulseaudio

See in your pacman.log what got updated and if you have by any chance wireplumber installed.

Also see:

Thank you!!!

I checked if I had wireplumber installed and I actually did

Then i checked the arch thread you refered to and It solved my problem!!

Do you have any clue where i can instantly solve these issues by myself or do i have to actively check the forum for any erros?

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You are welcome!

  • Keep an eye on ArchNews on thier main site.

  • Use the forum’s search function with some keywords related to your issue.

  • You could also look at all the solved threads in each section and see if you find anything related to your problem:

  • If none of the above results in finding a viable solution, then just ask away!

Also for including system info and logs:

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Thank you for the tipps!
I will use them next time before I will ask again :slight_smile:

And have a great day!

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