No audio from headphones after installing Easy Effects?

Hi! Recently came back to Endeavour after finally having enough space for dualbooting properly and its been working great, but after installing Easy Effects with my bluetooth headphones connected to try to swap the L and R channels around I can no longer see my wired outputs from anywhere including the audio tab in the system settings, bluetooth audio works just fine but any wired audio doesn’t show up, including microphones, not really sure what info or command output i should give but i would be thankful for help with it.
Slight note i literally just noticed, the headphones are exclusively using the headset profile and do not allow me to change that

What are the brand and model of the headset?

The wireless ones are JBL TUNE500BT and the wires ones are just some generic headphones.
to be clear, before i stupidly installed EasyEffects everything worked just fine, after it the headphones only work on headset mode and no actual proper audio device is recognised, let alone works

Did you try uninstalling easyeffects and reboot and see if they work again?

Yes, multiple times, it sort of looks to me like easyeffects did some configuration changes or something similar because this change is effectively permanent, but i have no experience or idea how this all actually works

Ive not used EasyEffects myself and i don’t have any bluetooth headphones although i do have some regular plugin type.

The bluetooth headphones dont seem like the issue, its just that absolutely no wired headphones, speakers or anything show up anymore after that

Maybe this helps?

My issue is no longer with EE, it seems to have completely stopped any device from showing up on any app, which is a lot bigger of an issue than ee not working, that github issue seems to end with “I have no idea what the issue is”

You may be affected from the recent issue.
Try with installing wireplumber and uninstall pipewire-media-session.

Luckily, after getting the Wire Plumber update this morning, I tried playing some songs on Youtube Music via a wired headset with no problems. even better sound (I think)
Note: No Easyeffects installed.

They work fine (usually) with wireplumber, until… they don’t :smile:

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By the way this morning I got a minor update.

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