Nm-connection-editor opens file selector 8 times before Edit Window

I just installed EndeavourOS_Artemis_neo_22_8.iso fresh on my new X500, chose XFCE4 but as the title suggests, the nm-connection-editor opens a file selector window exactly 8 times before the Editing Window is finally displayed (when you click the Edit Selected Connection Button you have to cancel the file selector window 8 times).

Have I already managed to mess up my default program associations or something?

All I have I installed so far after the online install from live usb is steam and vulkan-radeon, what gives?


Same here on my end though I need to cancel the file selector 16 times :flushed:
I haven’t used it for a while so I can’t tell when this issue started.

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can confirm 16 time for me . also no use in long time . ( on non Endeavouros install )

EDIT… Edit window open ( be hide file selector ) no interaction until cancel file selector 16 time . normal interaction after



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same problem here, about two weeks ago it was running normally.

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sorry, where are my manners. hi @Yeneros, welcome to the purple universe :enos: :enos_flag: :penguin_face: :rocketa_purple:


Hey, thanks! Seems my lurking days are numbered =p

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Cheers! :beers: good to be here. You having this issue too?

I have not done an install using the latest iso yet.

My friend just updated her laptop (endeavour OS) and she has the 16x issue that y’all are having now too, whereas it was fine before the update. (She didn’t keep terminal open to see what the updates actually were though, unfortunately).

It looks like it’s just part of an update.

terminal show zero. + it no a Endeavouros bug.

she could check pacman.log


I tried downgrading the package one at a time back to 1.22.0 but the issue still persists.

I wonder if the issue is not caused by these packages that got updated just recently:

[2022-09-08T00:38:01+0200] [ALPM] upgraded libnma-common (1.8.40-1 → 1.10.0-1)
[2022-09-08T00:38:01+0200] [ALPM] upgraded libnma (1.8.40-1 → 1.10.0-1)
[2022-09-08T00:38:01+0200] [ALPM] upgraded libnma-gtk4 (1.8.40-1 → 1.10.0-1)

$ pacman -Qi nm-connection-editor
Name : nm-connection-editor
Version : 1.28.0-1
Description : NetworkManager GUI connection editor and widgets
Architecture : x86_64
URL : https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/network-manager-applet
Licenses : GPL LGPL
Groups : None
Provides : None
Depends On : libnma
Optional Deps : None
Required By : None
Optional For : None
Conflicts With : libnm-gtk<1.8.18-1
Replaces : libnm-gtk<1.8.18-1
Installed Size : 4.38 MiB
Packager : Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) heftig@archlinux.org
Build Date : Tue 07 Jun 2022 05:29:46 PM CEST
Install Date : Fri 09 Sep 2022 02:30:56 PM CEST
Install Reason : Explicitly installed
Install Script : No
Validated By : Signature


I checked my friends log and there is a couple other suspect package upgrades, but I won’t have access to her laptop until tomorrow.

[2022-09-09T21:41:14+1000] [ALPM] upgraded libnma-common (1.8.40-1 → 1.10.0-1)
[2022-09-09T21:41:14+1000] [ALPM] upgraded libnma (1.8.40-1 → 1.10.0-1)
[2022-09-09T21:41:24+1000] [ALPM] upgraded networkmanager (1.38.4-1 → 1.40.0-1)
[2022-09-09T21:41:24+1000] [ALPM] upgraded networkmanager-openvpn (1.8.18-2 → 1.10.0-1)

I will try rolling back network manager on my pc…

@Yeneros, welcome to the purple space! :rocketa_purple:

Same issue here on EOS + Cinnamon DE, when I try to connect to Wi-Fi, file selector is open 8 times prior to the window asking for password. I noticed yesterday and I thought the culprit was Network Manager Applet, but now it seems I was wrong.

It could be this one?

On my system, it’s required by network-manager-applet

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I held back these (just in case) on my main PC:

I then installed and reverted these:

I did not restart the PC but after upgrading the issue was immediately apparent (x8) and was resolved with those two libnma packages being reverted:

sudo pacman -U file:///var/cache/pacman/pkg/libnma-common-1.8.40-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst file://var/cache/pacman/pkg/libnma-1.8.40-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

Trouble is my X500 has a clean package cache so ill have to copy them over from my main PC, if that works…

Where does one get old packages like that from anyways, without a PC which just happens to have them cached?

Cheers! Purple is the absolute best!

The problem seems to be in libnma 1.10.0-1 / libnma-common 1.10.0-1

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Yes, sir, you did a good research!

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You can use downgrade, that is installed by default on EndeavourOS, just type the command and it will grab it from cache or upstream.

sudo downgrade libnma

Oops, I’ve forgot to mention you have to select wich version you want:

Type the number and press Enter key to get the previous version.

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