Nftables and iptables on the same system

Hi all, as I shared in a recent post (Just installed nftables & firewalld) I just switched from iptables managed with UFW to nftables managed with firewalld, and so far no complaints it’s working great. But now I’m wondering how, and if I should remove iptables? I tried to remove it, but due to dependencies couldn’t. There is an nft-iptables package which looks like a drop in replacement for iptables, should I install that? or am I overthinking this and just leave it as is. I’ve read that containers can cause issues because they can mess with iptables, which can in turn mess with the firewall settings leaving you in an unknown state, but I normally don’t use docker other than occasionally so I’m not sure if this is a real problem or not. Again should I install the nft-iptables package, or just leave well enough along. Thanks for any insight.

If you have no reason to use iptables-nft then leave iptables alone.

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thanks I’ve not done anything and things seem to be working fine, so I’ll just leave well enough alone

Just FYI, self-solves like this aren’t particularly useful to future readers of the thread:

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good point, I removed the solved flag