Just installed nftables & firewalld

I just switched from UFW to firewalld and nftables. I needed to get tailscale and mullvad two play nicely together which works better with nftables over iptables. Anyway so far I’m impressed with the ease of configing nftables. That said I did install firewalld and decided to manage it that way rather then hand writing the rules myself. Just wanted to let everyone know it’s a very nice firewall. Love to see a wiki article on it in addition to the current ufw one.

Thanks for sharing your experience with firewalld! I have bee thinking lately to switch to it but haven’t done it yet. Here is a ArchWiki post (if you haven’t look into it yet):



Looks like I got some r:eyeglasses:ding up to do.

The archwiki is pretty helpful. I like the idea of being able to set up different zones based on ssid. Should be very helpful for a laptop that isn’t always on the same ssid

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