News and releases

i tried to find if there was some kind of rss feed i could follow for news and updates, is there something of the sort?

Not that I’m aware of. But, you should always check Arch News prior to updates in case a manual intervention should be required.

For news pertinent to EndeavourOS, please check it out here:

Beyond that, if there’s an RSS feed specifically, I don’t believe there is one. Maybe someone else can chime in about it.

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Check here: Forum RSS feed?

There used to be an RSS feed “Anouncements and news - EndeavourOS”. This, however, no longer exists for a year.

There are many individual feeds. For news about EndeavourOS you might be most interested in this one, feed address.

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There is no release management in Arch, it just keeps rolling, but to keep track of all package updates that hit the repos …

If you are nervous about Arch / EndeavourOS updates install a similar system in Virtualbox and apply any updates there prior to your live system.