Forum RSS feed?

I’ve looked in vain for an official RSS feed for the forum. Is that a possibility? I’m a big fan of newsboat, and I’d like to be able to glance at what’s happening on the forum from there.

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i got to your post via the rss feed.


Lol, thanks. Why did I never see that when searching the site?

You can also find feeds via the HTML source:

(this feed is for this specific thread) or by adding a browser extension, for example AwesomeRSS for Firefox:



It is more unfriendly to put a RSS link on the website than looking in a HTML source.

you can append an .rss to any forum page and get it subscribe to it - I don’t think it gets more simple - but of course - you have to know it :grin:

This very topic has rss


Thank you, that’s extremely helpful!

Great tip. There should be an RSS button in the footer next to Tracking.

Oh, I was not awake enough I think, I mean more userfriendly, not unfriendly

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