News about Rust based system 76 cosmic DE

Apparently heavy work and progress made on Rust version DE built by system 76 for pop OS!

Plans on using iced instead of GTK, all rust based…

They are even skipping the next Ubuntu to have time to work on it.


Very nice, it’s pity that they still going for Gnome’ish UI/UX (well i guess it makes sense only because they’ve used Gnome before…)


Maybe difficult to design and rewrite in Rust everything my guess is that they will Rust cosmic and progressively work on additional design changes once they get feedback. Glad that something different from qt/GTK is being developed.

To my opinion more useful than forking for the hundreds time the same distro and add another wallpaper. :grin:


Yes that’s best news so far, because GTK is turning into enforcement of whatever Gnome wants and qt have some…license weirdness

So it’s for the best :slight_smile:
Would be cool if in the end you can drop-in replace GTK with iced.


So now we’ll have Qt, GTK and this new stuff all having mismatched theming. Yay! :rofl:


atleast it get financed from a company :slight_smile: one side curius, otherside too much gnome a like :slight_smile: wile elementary in decline, cosmic in the lift :slight_smile:

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Interested to see what happens here. I’m all for bringing in some new tech, but I really hope it isn’t just taking their tweaked Gnome and rewriting in Rust / Iced. Just because something is in Rust doesn’t make it good.

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gnome is also partly written in rust but more in multi discipline lol

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like the linux kernel being ported to Rust :rofl:

Well if it turns out decent, perhaps it can be offered as part of the EOS Iso :D!


Interesting update for the cosmic DE/PopOS, can’t say I’ve heard of iced personally but the widgets shown look clean, can’t help but feel they’re making a lot of work for themselves.

Side note this Jeremy guy is the last person I’d want representing my company he gets super combative and rude at any criticism or perceived slight

And what should become of Xfce then? R.I.P.?

Ya … i wish they would build it on Kde! :wink:

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No it’s the other way around, most of DEs except Gnome have problems in current direction of GTK.

Drop-in replacement means replace something while maintaining compatibility / functionality (example: pulseaudio → pipewire)

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What I really dislike about that preview (and this is just a personal preference) is all those rounded corners (buttons looking like pills) and those ugly switches or “togglers”. I just expect them to ask me whether I want to disable non-essential cookies. :face_vomiting: