New User wants to say "Hello" to everybody

Hello everybody,

im pretty new Linuxuser in general. So i looked around for some distros and tried some other stuff and then i downloaded and installed EOS after doing some research.

I hesitated because some people said its not for Linux newbies but after 2 weeks of using i feel very comfortable with it and have very little problems, that i can not handle myself.

So “Hello” everybody and keep up the really good work on EndeavourOS. I really like it and try to learn as much about Linux and EOS as i can in the next months. But i already have the feeling i made the right decision.


And sorry for my english im from Germany and didnt speak or write english in months :slight_smile:




Welcome to the forum!

Glad you are enjoying it so far.

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Welcome to this great Distro and Community


Hello and welcome @Oelepalele :wave: Enjoy the purple ride :enos_flag:

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Welcome to the community :beers:

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Hello and welcome to the purple side! :enos: :enos_flag:


Servus @Oelepalele, welcome to :enos:-Forum!

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Welcome @Oelepalele to the wonderful world of EndeavourOS. (The distro and this forum).

Feel free to post your problems. I am sure you will get wonderful help, so effective and so fast.

I tell you what, I have been on Linux since 2000, I distrohopped for long long time during 2021/2022 and tried almost all Linuxes including Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Gentoo based distros and found that Arch and Arch based are the best and EndeavourOS the best of the best.
You will enjoy the distro and the forum.

I do not count myself an expert with Linux in any way despite quarter of a century on Linux! I am just a user.

My experience especially with EndeavourOS it is very friendly and easy.
The only thing is that you have to know a little bit about using the command line to install, uninstall, update… which is not really complicated or difficult.

I am sure you will enjoy.
Good luck.


Welcome, we hope you stay awhile :enos:

Welcome to the purple side :imp:. Just don’t be scared of the terminal and don’t worry if you break something we are here to help.

Welcome to the forum @Oelepalele :enos_flag:

Hello! :wave:

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome @Oelepalele

hello and welcome Oele

beeing german too - and also almost new to EOS

good luck – viel Erfolg beim Einarbeiten :male_detective: :wink:

Na herzlich Willkommen! :enos:

Feel free to join here:
German members growing in number :wink:

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that’s fine – isn’t it ? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcome to EndeavourOS. :v:

What people say, when they’re only writing to you into a forum like this one, or Discord or Reddit or such other place, is different from meeting someone in real life and saying it to you in real time. So what “people say” online has to be scrutinized. I also fell for that gag for a while which kept me off Ubuntu for a long time because I intensely disliked the “snapd” and the attempts to make it more important than it actually is. But I managed to get a nice setup with Kubuntu, this was after about a month I checked out Ubuntu Studio and I felt it ran too slowly on my ageing computer.

Instead of writing that above paragraph, I should have just said enjoy the distro! This could work for beginners but the important thing is following instructions. The “Welcome” app should be enough to guide anybody through things for somebody afraid of using the terminal. This app was one of the things that certainly bought me into this wonderful community.

I don’t know German but this is just me. Write in your language if you have to, and there’s always the “EndeavourOS United” place.

Almost made a rhym my man. Just need a “S” at the end there to make it complete.

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Welcome to the purple side :enos: it’s nice here.