New user from Spain

Hi all :wave:

I’am a retired 63 year old guy, who programmed in COBOL in the 80’s. Although I stopped years ago, the world of computers has always been in my head.

I’ve followed Linux since its beginnings and I’ve always had some distro available, in dual boot for years. I don’t usually go into Windows, especially since I quit my job, except when I feel like spending some time on Wargames, my other passion.

Years ago I discovered Antergos and my Galician consort spirit fell in love with that distro and the Arch world, abandoned for ever to Debian. When it disappeared, apart from the displeasure, I had to look for a new distro and I’ve tried several, although Manjaro has been the usual one.

Recently I’ve considered that my workstation should be an Arch/bspwm and when looking for information I found this distro and its reference to the Antergos community and its proximity to Arch made me choose it.

I consider myself an intermediate user, like console, XFCE and Emacs, of which I am an apprentice.

I hope to be able to do something with this community and distro in a short time. Of course my Blog will focus a lot on my experience with it all.

My first tasks will be

  • Install my Nvidia drivers, although I hope soon to remove that card from my computer (Ryzen 7 ).
  • Install my Xerox 3225
  • Install my Synology Q220+ NAS
  • Start studying and building the bspwm environment.

I have a lot to learn, but it’s going to be an exciting way, I’m sure.

Sorry if my English is not very correct but although I understand it I’ve to use a translator to write it.

All the best !


Welcome aboard! :rocket:


Daaaamn…I can feel size of your beard… from the other side of screen! :rofl:
That’s pretty cool :sunglasses:

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Te doy la bienvenida, Don Quichote :slightly_smiling_face:

welcome to :enos:

BTW Spain is my prefered holiday country :wink:


Bienvenido a EndeavourOS. Escribe en español (castellano) si prefiere. Aunque mi capacidad con el idioma llega hasta mis primeros 8 años de edad. Recuerda que en “EndeavourOS United” foro hay una sección para parlantes de castellano.

(Using “gucharmap” to help write because I only have “EN-US” keyboard assignment LOL.)

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Gracias por el detalle, pero siempre he creido importante conocer el Inglés y gracias a eso puedo leerlo sin mucho problema, incluso entender algún vídeo, pero hablarlo y escribirlo se resiste y prefiero practicar.

Welcome to the forum :enos_flag:

Welcome on :enos:-Forum!

Welcome! :sunny:

Bienvenido! :partying_face: Ya verás que esta comunidad es muy cercana y abierta a debatir variedad de temas, además de solucionar diversos problemas desde los más complejos hasta los básicos que pueden costar a los recién iniciados! :enos_flag:

Welcome to the purple side! :enos:

Nice to see fellow COBOL programmers! :wink:
I did that in the 80’s as well.

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Today I don’t think I’ll be able to write a line of code on anything …
I’m totally obsolete :sleepy:

Hello and welcome :wave: Enjoy the purple ride :enos_flag:

Welcome @quijote

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Welcome @quijote

Bspwm is one of the desktops offered in the Community editions and it is very good.

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¡Te deseo un día maravilloso!
And welcome onto your new purple endeavour :enos:

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Welcome @quijote :call_me_hand:

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Nice post. My background is similar but not so much coding. I started with computers in the 80s for both work and pleasure. I have enjoyed trying to perfect my desktop environment both in Windows and Linux. Like you, since my retirement 7 years ago I have almost abandoned Windows. I only use it to help someone else out. My main system has been Ultimate Edition Linux about 15 years ago when I was also an Admin with the distro. I was one of the testers of that system. It has become inconsistent and unreliable and so I have been using Ubuntu Mint and the last few years Ubuntu Mate.
I have installed Endeavour OS recently because I want to try Arch again and see if it can work a little better. Ubuntu Mate has a bug that is known but not fixed and this has made me look at Endeavour OS.
I hope I enjoy it.


Hola and welcome to the :enos: forum!

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