New GRUB2 security vulnerabilities affecting its UEFI Secure Boot support

see this

this CVE explains well this

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You can never get tired of Secure boot vulnerabilities and insanity of a whole concept :woozy_face:


Isn’t the article more about Grub’s security vulnerabilities rather than secure boot’s?

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A bit of both really, take Secure boot out of equation - and there’s no vulnerabilities :laughing:

Yeah, but since it’s being there is a fact (sad maybe), this one is less about its vulnerabilities rather than vulnerabilities in Grub in its attempts to get in in terms with it.

this came only with SecureBoot&Shim & keys db

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Patched Grub in the pipeline:

Yes but since people see secure boot as evil it takes the blame for grub vulnerabilities for some reason.

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Yes, I kind of understand it and not at the same time being a “call a spade spade” person.

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