Network interface called `lo` appeared in KDE networks applet

Any idea what it might be from?


Edit: It seems to be a network interface for the loopback address, but until now I did not have it listed in the applet.

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It is due to the recent NetworkManager upgrade. It was added.


I see, thank you.

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It stems from an update of the network manager - see Cabled ethernet connection autocreated

EDIT: Damn - ninjaed by @dalto

Yeah but I really don’t want see loopback over NetworkManager list menu, and isn’t a simple way to hide interface from list. Better if developer for it get focus on important thing, not waste time over this clown feature IMHO :exploding_head: :clown_face:

I also couldn’t understand why they would do this? Why does anyone need to see this? :man_shrugging:


One guess on the explanation is the question - when is the network up and when is it online?

systemd has some peculiar definitions and my guess is that adding loopback is part of something bigger related to systemd.

Another guess is the ip command where loopback has always been listed. That may have caused question and issues on the absense in Network Manager.

A lot of guessing - better to take a look at the commits - look for issue references.

The explanation as to why it was added to NetworkManager is quite simple:

NetworkManager traditionally did not manage the loopback interface by design.

Red Hat customer Requests For Enhancement resulted in upstream work to add it, which was done in NetworkManager 1.41.6.


damn Red Hat fools :dizzy_face: :bone:
Anyway “lo” manage feature is bad because Isn’t technically WIRED interface and it shows up under CABLE NETWORK group.

IMHO best approach is leave loopback on VIRTUAL or another new kind of special category, and allow users to easy hide it like checkbox "hide [dumb category] under
main option panel.

Also this is more close to nm-applet package and it kde equivalent graphical feature, not only NetworkManager.
I think graphical frontend trigger auto-add on menu list for interfaces, cause I don’t found any “lo” entry when look at NetworkManager --print-config
And of course if you try to delete “lo” from gui, after reboot, dinamically regenerate itself lol.

Anyway that is, Red Hat users is very dumb :clown_face:


as some one mentioned here:

And manpaged here:

You can set it not unmanaged like so:



Not that I recommend to do this!!

But from what I understand there is not much to configure on this device anyway…

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Interesting this approach of “unmanage” stuff instead simply hide entry at gui level, indeed Red Hat folks think different lol and less intuitive, because need to reading mans before understanding … Is still different “minds” between Dutch and American folks.

Thank you for hint mate :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: @discobot quote

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Looks like there’s an MR for filtering it out.

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