Need Help with EndeavourOS Installation

I’m currently dual-booting a Zorin17 with Windows 10 and want to shift to EndeavourOS for trying out Hyprland.


  • Drive 1: Windows installed
  • Drive 2 (SATA, 128GB): Intended for EndeavourOS installation

Current partitions on Drive 2:

  • Root: 40GB (ext)
  • EFI: 300MB (ext)
  • Home: 70GB (ext)

I’m planning to manually partition my drive for the EndeavourOS installation. Although my drive is GPT-partitioned, it’s asking for an unformatted 8MB for GPT while installing, which I find puzzling.

In the partition section, there’s a dropdown menu for choosing the drive where the bootloader will be installed. By default, it’s set to the Windows drive. Should I change this to the SATA drive designated for EndeavourOS installation? I tried, but it didn’t show the GRUB bootloader during boot after fully installed, unlike Ubuntu.

Need guidance, with determining how much space to allocate to each partition.


During the install you are giving a choice between Systemd-boot / Grub. Endeavour Defaults to Systemd. Did you choose Grub?

my personal recommendation is
/efi = 1.0 gb
/ =
/home = 70 gb
you should also make sure to create a swap file.

Yes I set it to grub

Since I didn’t find a partition named EFI, I’ve created a FAT32 partition with the “boot” flag. Previously, I used BTRFS, but this time I’m planning to use EXT4.

I have 16GB of RAM and I’m unsure if I should allocate swap space. If it’s beneficial, I’d like to include it. Could you please advise on the recommended size for swap?

the placing of /efi will depend on if you are using Systemd vs Grub I just gave the advice for the overall /efi partition no matter where it stored.

Depends on if you plan to Hibernate or not. If you are going to Hibernate then you need the same amount as you have in RAM. However I think you can tell it to create a swap file and I think it will create the size you need I honestely don’t fully remember since its more automatic to me and nothing i even give thought to anymore

I chose the GRUB bootloader, but it didn’t appear during boot to select the OS.

I’m not sure whats going on with that without some logs to tell us what is going on. I also don’t use grub However we have several around who do. If you already have Endeavour Installed on the system then what do you see? does it leave the bios?

it automatically boot to windows

do you have fastboot turned off in Windows? Do you have secure boot turned off in the UEFI?

Yes Sir

Are you able to get to the disk boot menu? F? key for most MOBO’s

The thing i am wondering is where did you install grub?
on the windows disk or the extra? if the extra then yes you need to get to the disk menu and tell the bios to boot up with that disk.

This indicates that you have booted up your Live USB in Legacy/CSM mode.

If you want an installation in UEFI mode, make sure to boot up your system in the same mode.

You could go into the firmware settings and disable Legacy/CSM before booting up the Live USB.

For an installation with Grub, the ESP needs be flagged boot (esp) and the mount point should be /boot/efi.

When it comes to size of it, I think EnOs’ installer configuration requires it to be at least 500 MB. But I could be mistaken there. It has been a while that I have not looked into this.

To be sure, make one of the size 512MB and you should be good to go.

Also EFI System Partition (ESP) needs to be formatted as FAT32.

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F11 for me

The thing i am wondering is where did you install grub?

  • Drive 2 (SATA, 128GB): Intended for EndeavourOS installation

if the extra then yes you need to get to the disk menu and tell the bios to boot up with that disk.

I installed Windows followed by Zorin OS. Now, when I start my computer, the GRUB bootloader presents two options: Windows and Zorin.

After installing EndeavorOS without a desktop, installed Hyprland from this repo. Everything was good but I encountered a black screen issue after a reboot, with just an underscore in the top left corner.

I’m using an Nvidia GT710 GPU. Any suggestions on fixing this and getting back to using Hyprland?"

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I don’t use hyperland however here is the thread about hyperland for EndeavourOS

Why would you jump to Hyprland before allowing first one of the knowledgeable users to work you through your original problem which you were asking for help with? Hyprland is a whole different animal as well as you have Nvidia and an unsupported gpu at that. Drivers for that card have to be installed from the AUR.