Need help. with dblock

Ok I haven’t encountereded this issues for thast 8-10 years and have forgotten how to fix it . ‘’’’’’'anyone got a fix for me.

edit: here.s the complete output
/var/lib/pacman/db.lck is present.
-> There may be another Pacman instance running. Waiting…

The thingh though I turn on the laptop so there should be no another pacman instance runing

hello,you do: sudo rm -f /var/lib/pacman/db.lck and it removes the action


it happend in combination sometimes with ppamac if you use pamac, but on pacman is mostly if you break of an update or install, then it locks the file

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Why -f on this one?

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-f Force to remove.

Thank you - worked like a charm. I have not encountered this since ’
I was on manjaro

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I am on archlinux and manjaro

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I used manjaro until Carl Duff was kicked out. Then we started architect - which mnajnaro now has taken in. Shame on them. i started using manjaro since v02. then I I moved to arch. Never looked beck. I trtied to build LFS but there ws way too much reading so I gave up But I always followed Carl. He’s my wizaerd sort of :joy:

Actually, Carl’s E/volution AIS preceded his Architect. But his contributions to Manjaro were outstanding.



Architect was very good, now Pacbang was excellent and before EvoluzionLinux from Jeff Store, ahora con Make-Iso

@JR29 @ricklinux
I do know exactly what -f does, I’m asking why @anon77235960 was instructed to use it while it could also be done without -f?

Imho it’s not a good idea to tell people to use -f when not necessary, because later it may result in bad habits of using -f everywhere and ultimately inexperienced person may end up with deleting some files that he/she didn’t want to.

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hello, the -f saves time in the job

Because normally without the -f the command doesn’t work without going through other steps. That has been my experience

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Well I did test just before I wrote my post, and sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck didn’t ask me for anything, no prompt whatsoever, simply deleted the file while pacman was running. So @JR29 in my case it would actually expand time on job as I’ll have to type extra -f :wink:

Still, I see no point in putting -f into that command, even if it will occur in asking user whether to remove the file (if he has alias rm=‘rm -i’ or similar) or not. I believe there’s reason for making -f as option and it is good to not use it when not needed :slight_smile:

Well I guess if you use it and it doesn’t ask then your lucky. But that isn’t the case most times from what I have witnessed here and elsewhere. Plus if it doesn’t work then you have way more typing to do than just putting in an extra -f! :smirk:

I know you can just arrow up and add the -f. Also you said you did a test just before you wrote the post. Mostly this is used because it is locked when another instance is running and won’t let you unlock the db.

Good point :+1:
Anyway I’ll stick to my thought that it’s a good practice to do plain rm and later add -f if first option doesn’t work. Just a note, I think its time to end this eot :wink:

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Yeah Carl Was the brain behind manjaro openbox. I just felt they treated him unfair. But when he anfd Jeff started Architect (evo in the early days)something good come from it. Evo was before Arcitect that is orrect but that was when Jeff was stil in the project - when he left so we changed the name. Some of the code is the same but for the most pat Carl rewrote the whole thing for architect. And it’s the only installer I’ve seen hardcore archers actually accepted. Carl knew his shit - to bad he just disappeared. well well it was fun as long as it lasted. I still miss him. He was such agood guy - he had his issues but who doesn’t /except mee ofc)

I got to say no one have teached me more about Linux and how it works than Carl Duff. He was/is very patient and in the early days it was just me him and KAT- MD and jeff. Other came along after awhile when we got some buzz around the project. IIRC I remeber you from the Architect days too. Or maybe it was manajro or Archbang. Who cares? We are all linux users and it’s natural that we meet again in different forums.

back on topic: this happened to me when I turned on a laptop. So no other pacman instances should be running? I did yay and this was waht happened (see first post). I could undrstand it if there were multiple pacman instances running but I was just trying to update the machine.