Need EOS logo to print on shirt

as the title already suggests I need a hi resolution graphic of the EndeavourOS logo to print on t-shirts. As long as our devs don’t come up with a merch shop of their own, I plan to have it printed by a local store. Anyone can point me in the right direction?




Thx Elloquin but …

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


Oh, found them. But they are soooooo itsy bitsy tiny. :roll_eyes:

Good Idea but not fair.

I have everything you need, but if the EnOS team is not interested in it, you should respect that.

Then why should others make money with their logo?


The file contains various variants (for various background types and media shape) in vector format.
This means the graphic can be resized to fit a banner on a skyscraper or zeppelin or a small sticker, without losing quality. Just pull those handles and make sure to do it while also maintaining aspect ratio (weight to height ratio) :smiley:

For best results open the svg files with Inkscape or other vector graphic editing programs (like Illustrator or Corel). Gimp and Photoshop might request to render the files on import, and the initial render size is the size with which you are stuck.


I think it’s cool if people want to print out shirts or stickers for themselves.

If it’s done for monetary gains, indeed the fair thing to do is to talk to @Bryanpwo first.


In no way would I even try to make money from Logos that aren’t mine. It’s just that hubby and me only have some Ubuntu, Mint and Manjaro shirts. :frowning: This can’t stand!

In order to live a happy live EOS shirts are required!


Ok, I didn’t realize that I can change the size myself. Thx for letting me know.

You can print your shirt with the logo this is not an issue for EndeavourOS :wink:


Danke Joe. Bin schon auf’m Weg zum Drucker …

For future reference, just as @joekamprad said, we don’t have a problem if the logo is used for stickers, shirts, masks, etc for private use.


That sounds like a great idea!

Thank you kindly Bryan. Shirts are in the making. No idea if they will be ready before Xmas tho. :expressionless:


Just collected the shirts from the printer:

3XL: Snuggly fit for hubby, nice sloppy house dress for me. =^.^=


next arc-darker version then :wink:
looking great! :heart_eyes:


We’re an older generation and not into dark themes. I wanted to order some black shirts but black letters on black fabric … hmmm. :grimacing:

Just drop them on a light background first! Enough Inkscape for that is easily learned (even I could do it… (with a few tries and an open tutorial))

There is a logo variant for dark backgrounds.

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Okee, will look into that. Thx for the hint.

Don’t stress me out, Freebird. You can’t even begin to fathom what a stupid hack I am with computers. :bomb: