Name A website or app that annoys you

So i can check them out

You should check out [](https://New Grounds), if you have never experienced it, it is a must!

yeah ik what newgrounds is lol

Any that I’m forced to use by a place I used to be able to walk into and talk to a person.


I’m hesitant to call any FOSS apps annoying, but thankfully these two are proprietary and I have no qualms dunking on them:

There’s this really fun lil guy on FlatHub and the Snap store that’s just a frontend to Wallhaven and spontaneously added a paywall. It’s called Colorwall

Just to spice things up, the Colorwall developer also released a fun lil guy on the same platforms that’s also a paywalled frontend to Wallhaven. It’s called Wonderwall

Now for some better alternatives (other than just going to

There’s a Gnome app called Wallpaper Selector that’s ALSO a frontend to wallhaven. You can’t search, you can’t pick categories, and the feed seems random. Still, it’s fun to see what comes up.

Fondo was an Elementary app (I think). It seems to have trouble applying wallpaper, but offers additional features and still saves the images locally. You can also just open them in your browser.

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yeah nost of them seem annoyin…im not sure I’ve heard of the last one

I really like Fondo, it’s pretty. Wish it was still actively maintained. :frowning:

I don’t really mind the UI of Wallpaper selector, it even helped me find a cursed Arch wallpaper for the LMDE machine in our office

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YouTube website and app,
Facebook, website and app,
TikTok - everything! why the hell is this garbage popular?!
Microsoft - thy pisst me off for the last time no more Windows for me.


well said

nailed em

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"you’re on lonely heights I Imagine, dude.



Don’t link to these, someone might accidentally click on it and go to Hell. Rather, use to link indirectly, like this:


You’re right, here’s safe version:


oooh dont mind if i do

wdh even is that link

First version of Google website, 11 Nov 1998

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is we allowed to cuss hea?

Generally discouraged by rules


whoof i need to have u.d. open in a tab when reading @KAI123456789 posts a l l t h e t i m e .
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