My thoughts on EOS after switching over from Arch

I have been using Arch for a very long time, and only recently switched to EOS for my daily driver. I must say that I’m very impressed with my experience thus far. A job well done by the team.

A little while ago, I remember seeing a Chris Titus Tech video on YouTube about distro ranking. Chris went ahead without hesitation to label all distros based on other distros in the “pointless” category. He ended that video with Debian and Arch being the only Linux distros he suggests anyone use. Generally I would agree with him BUT, I think an exception must be made for EOS, and I’ll explain why.

To say that Debian based distros are pointless, and you should just use Debian instead is an argument I can accept. But when it comes to Arch, I think it’s not the same comparison to write off all distros based on Arch, and for good reason. I can agree that Manjaro for example is pointless and one is better off sticking to based Arch for an actual Arch experience, but that in my opinion doesn’t extend to EOS. Installing Arch from scratch takes a good amount of time and has plenty that is missing from a clean install such as YAY which even the archinstall script doesn’t install. I think for your average Linux user who wants to use Arch and values their time, EOS is the answer. Time is valuable, and not everyone can be bothered to spend 45 minutes reading a wiki to get an OS up and running. Even if you installed Arch from scratch at some point, it doesn’t mean you will want to do this every time the circumstance arises where you need to reinstall Arch OS for whatever the reason may be.

I also reject the notion that you must install Arch from scratch to understand how the OS works. You can just install EOS and learn the OS after the fact, like users do for just about any other OS out there. What’s the big deal in doing that, and why does the Arch community like to make users feel like if a proper installation is not done from scratch, that you somehow aren’t worthy enough to use Arch? It’s such a dinosaur mindset to suggest it must be installed from scratch in order to learn how it works. That’s like saying you should build your own automobile in your garage if you want to know how to service your own vehicle properly… Rubbish!

Lastly but most important… The community. Oh god, where do I begin? There’s a reason I started hanging out in this forum even before switching to EOS. The gatekeepers over in the Arch forums are not a friendly bunch. You will see a consistent “RTFM” response or a response with the wiki link and nothing else when asking for a quick hand in an issue you might be stuck with. Oh, and not to mention the landslide of downvotes you’ll get in their Subreddit if you say anything that remotely insinuates you didn’t read the wiki. I think they give themselves a bad rep in that regard because it displays nothing but resentment from the old timers towards the newer users. When people want help, they’re not looking for cheeky smart ass responses. Sometimes people are in a situation where they just need you to shut up and help them without them needing to explain why they need you to shut up and help them. Silence from the seasoned Arch Linux forum users is more appropriate in those situations, but the Arch community doesn’t give a damn, they’ll downvote you into the pits of hell regardless and no matter what anyone says There’s no consideration from the gatekeepers of Arch that not everyone has the same capabilities when it comes to computers, but those users nevertheless still want to enjoy the product. It almost feels as if the OG community members want those types of users to go to a different distro. Not a fan of that behaviour, and I have called people out in the community previously when I’ve witnessed appalling behaviour, but it always ends up no where. If they were more welcoming and catered to new users while also spreading good vibes with all their users across the board, it’s possible a distro like EOS wouldn’t have been born. Necessity is the mother of all creation, so we can thank Arch for helping indirectly create EOS :slight_smile:

In the end, I can see why EOS is praised and suggested. It’s a rock solid distro with an amazing community of like-minded folk, a distro with purpose and a real good reason to exist. It’s efficient and as minimal as it should be and best of all, it’s got an abundance of purple. Who doesn’t love purple?


It is EXACTLY what they want, and for a good reason…Arch wouldn’t be a meme without that! :joy:



That’s what keeping me here :wink:

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Arch has lost it’s meme status to NixOS :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Unfortuantely if you want privacy this is exactly what you must do. :rofl:


Lots of people don’t love purple. One day people with purple mania will wake up and wonder just what the heck they were thinking ?! :rofl:

And realize how incredibly wrong they were about that offensive colour.

concerning to arch it’s your opinion only…

The title literally says “my thoughts”…:roll_eyes:


Exactly as Nomad says in the title.

ja klar – und mein post ist MEiNE Meinung :rofl:
hast du ein Problem mit anderen Ansichten und Einschätzungen ???

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, including you, just have the decency to answer in English on the main forum area and as the title says, this post is the OP’s opinion, nobody was criticizing your opinion.


mine was that it is easy to install rather than typing commands on arch to setup every single thing because of calamares and it also provides great support and its just arch so why not i am using it since 2019 from now since the starting of it i used arch when i was 9 and then switched to gentoo when i was 10 but that did not help me either my first distro was Arch but this os is just minimal , abstract , empty and just arch

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I think what you mean is this OS is a foundation on which I can build the OS to my personal needs :wink:

However its a bit more than just the OS its the Community as well. Rather you need knowledge to fix something or just a place to post goofy stuff and enjoy life. Its a tribe in its own right. To me the Endeavour OS is more than the ISO its all the people who contribute rather to the ISO or the Forum. It’s the people supporting each other and respecting each others contributions. It’s not only an OS but also a place to learn, build, create or just rice it out it and most of all just a place of comfort.



i think you got it wrong. i was telling my thoughts on eos

Calmares is much better than Archinstall I agree on that 100%. I have a lot of disks and partitions seeing the mount points graphically helps a ton, archinstall is not much better than fdisk in that regard. (though this does not matter on a more simple system)

I don’t really use KDE anymore, but installing Plasma from the Arch repo for example leads to some not so easily fixable theming problem with a lot of bright red UI elements for some reason…

#C1C9EB is the best purple, which is dominating my awesomeWM setup. However I do agree the vibrant purple EOS themes use is just too much.