My Peripherals randomly stop working

So, i had this problem back in 2022 (Keyboard randomly stops working) and with the help of the community it stopped, but about a month ago the problem appeared again more powerful (before things like monitors and sound would still work, now everything stops) . Let me explain the problem, in what seams to be at random every peripheral (keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc) stop working, and the only way to get them back is shutting down the system. I think the problem is something to do with cpu usage? i have noting to back that up but the last 2 times occurred when i had a lot of tabs opened on librewolf for a long time, i don’t know if that have anything to do with this, but just to be sure i decided to say it anyway.
This time i got the jornal log of the problem and here it is:

observation: Here a list of things i tried to solve the problem, reinstalled the nvidia drivers (basically i tried all of them, including the one downloaded from nvidia’s website), and i update the kernel (the normal one, and the lts one).
sorry for bad English :wink:

Sounds like RAM is running out and/or swap is too small. Or disk is near full?

Could be a hardware issue too.

i have 16 GB of ram and 4 GB of swap, and i’m pretty sure that isn’t disk because i have a 1 Terabyte ssd with 300 GB of free memory.

Could be a hardware issue too.

My theory is that is something to do with my NVIDIA 1050 ti, but now i’m not really sure about that.

The log shows an old kernel and and an old nvidia driver. Did you use an old liveuser (ISO) to get the log, or what?

Did you use an old liveuser (ISO) to get the log

correct, i did that, don’t ask me why tho, if you want i can send one with my normal system

Please do. It is better to troubleshoot the real target. :wink:

here it is

Kernel and Nvidia driver are outdated.
Can you update your system using TTY, or liveuser with arch-chroot?

If so, use command

sudo pacman -Syu

and in case of problems show the full output here.

ok, but i will say that the problem is not regular, so if i take a few days to says something is because i’m making sure that it won’t occur again

Take your time to test it.
When you have more results, either continue this thread or start a new one (and refer to this).
If updating does not solve this, hopefully we will find the real problem(s), which then lead to the right fix.

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