My Home Directory Deleted

So, A few minutes ago my Home went kaboom.

How I find out what happened? Would it be in the Journal or somewhere?

If it helps when it happened I was download the windows version of KDE Connect to send to a friend. I don’t think that anything to do with it but…

PS : I’m fine - I lost some Music and some School Work but I use a cloud storage so I’m fine. My dotfiles were backed up to github. Might do a BRTFS installtion on the weekened…

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Who said Windozz?!

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So you give us this most dangerous link so that every home directory will be deleted :sunglasses: ?


Didn’t mean like that! :rofl:

Maybe use command

  windows-please-do-not-delete $HOME

:crazy_face: :joy:


sudo: windows-please-do-not-delete: command not found

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First, check the used space on the drive to make sure it is really gone and not just moved or mounted over.

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Yep it’s gone! I’m only using 3gb of my home partition and that is normally around 20gb.

There was a warning that my root partition was filling up a day before? But I haven’t lost any apps so I thought that had nothing to do with it? Nothing has been moved into my root it’s the same as before

Well, now you have to figure out what you did… This can’t go unsolved.

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I am trying…How do I found out? Can I see what happened? Like in the journal (I know it’s that but I don’t know what else). What other things does anyone know off that will show whats happened in my system??

No idea… I don’t think it will be in a journal… Were you updating any AUR packages without checking the PKGBUILD file? One rm -rf command can be enough…


Hmm. I didn’t think of that…I don’t I was doing anything them. I had no other application open. But even if I did then surely (as I have timeshifted back) any update I run now should now also do the same thing…Time to Reproduce! :laughing:

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Oh wait…there were a warning thread
Oh i mean joke which is not joke :laughing:

Probably some wise @ss done similar stuff in AUR for $HOME, it’s not out of realms of possibilities…Gotta check your PKGBUILDzzz


So it was nothing caused by updates cause I’ve checked the PKGBUILD and their was nothing to sinister also since I’d timeshifted back the updates would remain and it did not happen again…

I literally don’t know what else could have caused it?Hmmmm?

Maybe you hit the delete key with you head as it crashed on your keyboard because you downloaded the Windows release of KDE Connect? Kind of allergic reaction :nauseated_face: :sunglasses: ?