My Hardware's Program Doesn't Work With My Software's Program!

Hi guys, I just wanted to say EndeavourOS is one of the best distro’s out there right now by far,
way more enjoyable than ubuntu, and makes using arch linux really straightforward for newcomers.
Honestly, endeavour linux is my goto distro for gaming right now because of how easy it is to customize compared to other distributions out there. And as a long time distro-hopper I have tried probably a hundred of them. Endeavour clearly sits on top of the list, although I have to say I tend to jump away from it after awhile cause updates in arch linux tend to break things, and it’s so easy to install linux, it’s faster than resolving the issues manually 100% of the time.

I see a lot of linux forums on the web and they are all filled to the brim with people’s problems, that I think are a diistraction from how great linux is compared to the corporate spider web technology that is everywhere else these days. There is no greater alternative to linux while our technology is built in such a way that it stands against us inherently! I wish everyone would take time to appreciate that fact!

For newcomers I have some tips to help solve all of your problems. First recognize that Linux is designed in such a way, that it is tempting to want to dive into all the potential configurations that can be done. I’ve probably spent weeks and months just searching for new and different icons and themes and cursors. Did you know that on windows 11 right now, there are ILLEGAL COLORS! Yes, on Linux you can choose all the colors, and put them anywhere you desire, but on windows 11 there are illegal colors that cannot be chosen for your theme, without hacking the registry! It’s tempting to customize every aspect of linux, but that can be distracting from it’s other extremely profound aspects.

Gnu/Linux is a SUPERCOMPUTER right at our fingertips. And there is no other place that we can possibly get such extreme power from technology right now. But the only way to take advantage of it, is to take the time to learn how to do so.

The first thing to do when you have a problem, is to properly search for an answer. That could be within manuals installed already on linux, or on the internet. Searching the internet, you want to start with the operating system you are using. EndeavourOS is based on Arch linux. For problems based on arch linux you search like this to find your answer quickly:

Arch Linux “insert problem here”

If search engines wont comply with your request you can narrow it down like this.

Site: “insert problem here”

Or better yet, go straight to the websites that have the information you’re looking for, and use their search functions. Build a list for yourself of useful resources so you don’t have to rely on search engines to consistently give you the answers you need. (They wont) In order to use Linux we have to be smarter, and understand there is a greater world full of organizations opposed to our freedom, opposed to linux, opposed to GNU!

If Linux forums weren’t completely filled to the brim with people’s problems, we might get room to talk about all the solutions that gnu/linux offers, and no one else ever will.

I decided to upload you guys my custom Catpuccin-GTK theme to make your XFCE look like KDE, while KDE 6 is totally broken.

Included is the main theme, and icons, wallpapers, and instructions for themeing firefox and the terminal uniformly.

Theme goes in ~/.themes
icons go in ~/.icons
(then type in terminal gtk-updte-icon-cache ~/home/user/.icons/Cold\ Metal/)

Here’s a picture of what it looks like.


Welcome to the forum!

While I get the sentiment, I disagree on the perception of forums and their purpose. The community here is very attentive, friendly, and willing to help. I’ve taken courses ON a UNIX supercomputer, and I’ve still learned a lot in my time here.

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Perhaps after only 18 hours since you have joined this forum, you haven’t had time enough yet to realize that there is enough room and openness in this forum to discuss almost any topics, not breaking our forum ruls of course, in various sections and subsections.

Not only there is room for “people’s problems”, of which I can see you got top-notch help yourself to get solved already in the second post but also room where many people contribute with their solutions, their findings, their work of art or just for casual chit chat and so on and so forth.

Please spend some time here to get to know the forum and I am sure and do hope that you will find this place spacious enough for you to not solely get help with your problems, if there are any, but also to discuss your solutions, share them with others and to contribute to the growth of this place.

Happy Monday!


Welcome to the forum.

No, there is no such tendency. Occasionally stuff breaks, but the major breaks, those that render the system unusable until fixed, are so rare I can count the occurrences on one of my hands. And none of them required more than 5 minutes of intervention and the exact step-by-step procedure for recovery was published here within hours of the issue occurring.

Saying that Arch-based distros have a tendency to break during updates is thus very unfair, at least when it comes to EndeavourOS.

Faster? Perhaps if you don’t know what you’re doing. But every time you resort to reinstalling the OS instead of troubleshooting, you miss an opportunity to learn about your system.


Hey, maybe you’ve seen it, but here there’s even a section where you can share yor desktop :sunglasses:


Thanks for your input guys… I wonder if there’s a better non-corporate spider web website like github or dropbox to upload files to, so I don’t have to submit to their unfair anti-consumer properties… It’d be nice to share files with people without having to agree to a thousand page license agreement!

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I’m sure there are tons… (or you can always host your own sever :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I barely use any, so recommending one would be fair.

I’m sure there are people here with good advice on that matter, you could create a new thread (maybe check if there isn’t one already).

AntiX uses Codeberg, so it can’t be that bad. 0xacab seems pretty cool, too!

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