My EOS has broken after mistakenly updating to the new KDE 6.0

Hi friends.

Panic here, I am a user with little knowledge of Linux, I usually do “yay” every 2-3 days to update my Linux for the last year, I have never had problems.

Today I went back to “yay” like another normal day, but I saw that a lot of wayland packages and things like that related to KDE were updated, then I remembered that KDE was going to be released soon, but I thought it was at the end of 2024.

So it seems that my EOS updated to KDE 6.0, and my graphics have broken, the screen appears black. But I opened the console, and I remembered the command to restart “reboot”, and EOS restarted, and the login appears as always, but after logging in the black screen appears again in a resolution of 400x600 or something like that.

Luckily I was able to open Mozilla Firefox and create this thread, but I can’t read the forum very well due to the low resolution.

I think I broke EOS by updating so quickly. Can you help me please? Thanks in advance.

Log back into X11 and wait it out :wink:


@chikenf00t Now that is a dastardly move! :rofl:


Omg :sob: you all just saved me, thank you very much friends, eternally grateful! :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s the first time that EOS “broke” on me, and I got scared because I forgot to make a backup.

I still don’t know the exact difference between xorg and wayland. I’m a shame! :confounded:

By the way, the floating bar on my EOS KDE is strange. xD

Thanks again friends, I promise not to panic next time! :hugs:


You can always set it back the way you are used to it, if you like so.

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no need to be ashamed. took me a long time of watching linux content, using linux and interacting with my system to understand what the difference between the two is (and a few other things). you’ll learn over time


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