Music production/recording (DAW) what are you using on EndeavourOS?

My DAW journey since 90’s: Cubase (Atari) → Protools (Mac/PC Win) and Cakewalk (PC Win) → Logic (Mac) → Studio One (Mac) and Reaper (Mac, PC Linux). I have a hard time stop using Studio One (hoping for Linux version!) since many of my co-creators use it so I still need to have Mac from time to time. Reaper works ok on Linux but not many of my co-creators use it and it’s time consuming to keep moving audio files between sessions in different applications.
Anyone have suggestions for other software that matches Studio One? I’ve only tested Ardour a little briefly…

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Pretty much all Linux software works on EndeavourOS, so if you can use it on any other distro, you can on EndeavourOS, too.

I use Renoise and REAPER + LinVST

I don’t think anything will match it 1:1, the only way to do cross-daw is exporting tracks…If you workflow allows of course