More Favorable Press!

Congrats to our spectacular developers! The kudos keep rolling in!!


“The online installation takes 45-60 minutes regardless of the Internet connection speed.” :man_shrugging:
Other than that nice article.

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I just did an online installation of xfce in less than 7 minutes. :rocketa_purple:


But you are not using dial-up modems… :wink: :partying_face:


I remember when I used to! :laughing:

Those were the days… :sweat_smile:

Still miss that sound from time to time… but everything most certainly wasn’t better back then.


Nice… I still enjoyed it! US Robotics 56k then X2! Oh ya! Then I do DSL…

Such modern experiences! I was happy that I didn’t have to pop the handset into the cups after that noise - my 300 baud modem was direct connect! Then the step up to 1200 (so fast I could barely read it incoming!) and then running multi-line BBS on 2400s! SOME of those days I miss :grin:

not wrong though lol

It takes ages for my online install with a 60/10 connection and my friend with 100/20 also

I miss some of it too. I especially miss PowWow Tribal Voice by John Mcafee. It was a full duplex chat program with voice and written text.

My last install took almost 40 minutes a few weeks ago. That includes downloading the iso, burning the usb and installation.

EnOS made third on this list:


Ha, I have a 5/0.5 connection. Hopefully they will put some fibre optics out here at some point. I wish I had a 60/10. I had 200/40 half a year ago before moving to the desert.

You guys may laugh but it takes about 30min to download the iso. Probably best distro is bare bone Arch for min distro size.

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I have good fibre optic.

Screenshot_2020-12-09 Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

Edit: 45 seconds to download an ISO

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I can relate. I’ve lived most of my life on slow network. (And still distro-hopped a lot!)
Though now I have a (somewhat slow) fibre connection. 30mbps up/down.

More offtopic: 38 seconds to download endeavouros-2020.09.20-x86_64.iso.

You don't want to cry

11 minutes to download endeavour os iso :sob:

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32 seconds it took for my 500 mbps through torrent link :yum:


remember to simple need to listen to the sound of your modem to check if connection is working :wink: