Moderation of the Publications in the Forum

Sometimes I find it difficult to understand the management of the forums.
I understand that it is not easy, among other things because I was also moderator of forums back by 2003-04, and of a forum with several thousand users in which you found everything.

But the fact that a subject is closed, hiding your answer for not having much relationship with the origin of that topic, when you are seeing other previous answers either did not have much relationship … or do not allow any or allow all.

Disappointed, but good … I guess that’s what there is.

Take it or leave it.


Yeah, seems to be a lot more subjectivity and inconsistency in the moderation recently.


The post you are referring to happened like this.

An off-topic and controversial conversation started in one of the topics. We posted a request in highlighted text that any further exploration of that conversation was off-topic and warned that any such posts would be deleted without warning.

Weeks later, you quoted one of the earlier posts in the topic and tried to continue the conversation and it was removed as we stated it would be.

To be clear, we allow a fair degree of off-topic conversation. However, when we specifically ask that a conversation be stopped, and it is then continued, that will get your post flagged and/or removed.


Yes … all very understandable and reasonable … but you must also understand that, by the nature of the forum, that when you enter a topic takes you to the last, and if it is very extensive you lose a lot of the publications, what you mention happens unnoticed.

The conversations, if we want to keep them in the most natural way possible, is normal that, sometimes, some of the subject comes out.

Qualifying any response as “non-productive” makes me see a very natural behavior and that does not favor good understanding among people.

Although that is your way of being and we have to accept it or not.

If you want to continue here, you accept it, and if anymore … because you go elsewhere.
That’s how simple.

To be fair, I missed that request too. as a consequence, I have gotten a written warning from a moderator just like everybody else when my post also touched that topic and I find that only fair. my point being this is not subjective and no one person is being singled out.

As there was an express request to not continue the conversation in that particular direction (not because of a moderator’s whim, but because it infringes on the community rules against highly controversial or political topics), my post which went in approximately the same direction as yours received the same treatment.

This forum is extremely tolerant to off-topic side-comments. When you can’t tell any longer what’s what, moderators intervene, but that happens only when things get out of hand.

This could be addressed. If you have feedback on this matter you can bring the many (as you put it “a lot more”) instances to our attention (publicly or maybe better privately if it’s real feedback meant to help us do our job better) and we, the moderators will definitely take your feedback into consideration.


i think the way discussions went is very different today from 2003/4 in a way.
And the used platform and its tools are also doing a part in how moderation is handled, but as this Forum is at its core about help and getting help to run Linux/EndeavourOS/Arch the main interest is to keep discussions about other stuff that can lead to unrelated arguments and stress between users low.
We can/could discuss everything if users would keep a friendly understanding and respectful communication. But if it goes on arguments and flaming we have to stop it before it grows all over the place.
And we try to keep freedom on moderation up also, so we do not have a strict table of rules or a hierarchic system. All moderators are doing this free of choice and without getting paid for it, spending their free time to keep things friendly here.

You was on Antergos before?


Please remember this forum is not a militant platform for any faction. It is a place to discuss EndeavourOS and maybe have some Linux-related chit-chat because there are great people here. But the main focus is the OS itself. If the conversation goes into directions which have absolutely no connection to EOS and Linux whatsoever, that is also cool, unless they endanger the harmony of the community. If they do, they will be sanctioned by the moderators, because that is our job.


I understand the problem.
For my part, closed theme.
Yes, I was in Antergos.


Hey you people, your answers in this topic is EXTREMELY political and divisive!
This hurts my feelings a lot :astonished:, I DEMAND to close this topic immediately!!!111 :scream:

P.S. :clown_face: HONK-HONK :clown_face:

P.P.S. It’s super easy to flame and kill whatever topic, with some absurd stuff which have nothing to do with theme of such topic and opinionated.

There is no good solution you could possibly contain such things without playing in hands of bad faith actors in any given discussion - except moderation of individual messages, in my opinion. Well, that’s assuming topic at hand itself is not really out there like promotion of violence or something like that, then obviously it must be removed immediately.

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The truth is, anything can be improved (then again we have a saying in my country: the enemy of “good” is “better”).

Constructive feedback is always welcome. But more than feedback, coming with solutions for perceived problems is best.

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  1. Never remove / close topics afterwards if OP meets criteria of forum rules (if there are some opposing opinions between moderation team - act as you do now, discuss in pm with team, if needed with op).

  2. When things get messy in some topic - moderate on per-message basis, give clear warning for person clearly going against the forum rules why warning arise and about consequences listed in point 3.

  3. After 3-5 times same offender repeats such action in given topic - give such person permanent ban.

This solves both freedom of speech problem and strict forum policy of going against forum rules problem.

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If I am being honest, I don’t think that is practical with part-time volunteer moderators.

  • Some topics just continually go off-track. We would end up banning most of our frequent posters.
  • When controversial things are posted, many people feel like they must respond. If we don’t remove those posts or close the topic, it never ends no matter how many people you suspend. It becomes a constant cycle of new people joining and needing to be warned.
  • Virtually everything tied to moderation is ultimately subjective. If we need to form a subcommittee when moderation action is needed, the forum will be in flames before we have chance to make a decision.

so i was remembering right :wink:

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I have been a moderator on a forum once upon a time. I know it can be difficult sometimes. Now we had much looser rules, but sometimes we had to close threads as well.

I got a hidden post for poor language choice in here that I have no problem with. I write a bit as I speak sometimes and have problems with the language unfortunately.

I think a little off-topic is part of a forum sometimes. Without it, everything gets boring. Now I do not mean that you should go off-topic in all threads. Some threads are not suitable for that.

But a little loose talk sometimes is okay!

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Not reading a thread isn’t really an excuse. If anything, it supports the decision made by the moderators.

There was a warning in the thread. Poster didn’t notice. Moderator moderated the thread. Done.

Splitting posts from a thread can work. It can be a fair bit of effort picking through replies, especially when replies might be both on and off topic (e.g. they reply to two posters).

“Use the Flag, Luke.”

I mean, that would solve the problem. :rofl:


I thank you for pointing that about me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You are great too. :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As it should be, I think.
What I have seen here even for a controversial conversation locking it down for 24 hours is a good aproach to let it cool down so main actors could really think for a bit before they say something stupid. Some may disagree with me…

How was it? “No man, no problem” Pretty grimm, though.

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I think the moderation has been pretty lenient on off-topic and most other areas of posts. Sometimes too lenient IMHO and it wouldn’t stand in some other forums. BTW have i mentioned Arch! The lounge is supposed to be an area for chit chat but even there it is going to be moderated. We all need to be cognizant of when we put pen to paper so to speak. I think we can have a little fun but some people get carried away. So lets have fun and make EndeavourOS the place where we relax and help our fellow linux users have a great day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Aww, I missed all the forum drama…



There speaks the ‘other’ worst offender besides ME at going off-topic at length. Check some older posts for what happens when it’s BOTH of us!

Don’t worry - sometimes even this forum is a swamp! :frog:

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