Missing /etc/mkinitcpio.d

It’s a newly installed EOS, and I just installed the docker, btrfs-assistant, snapper…

When I’m configuring grub-btrfs, I find it’s missing the /etc/mkinitcpio.d.

Is this good? I searched but no one mentioned this.

➜  ~ cd /etc/
➜  /etc ls
adjtime                   gai.conf         modules-load.d              sddm.conf.d
alsa                      gprofng.rc       mtab                        securetty
appstream.conf            group            mtools.conf                 security
arch-release              group-           named.conf                  sensors3.conf
arptables.conf            grub-customizer  nanorc                      sensors.d
audit                     grub.d           ndctl                       services
avahi                     gshadow          ndctl.conf.d                shadow
bash.bash_logout          gshadow-         netconfig                   shadow-
bash.bashrc               gss              netctl                      shells
bind.keys                 gssproxy         NetworkManager              signond.conf
bindresvport.blacklist    gtk-3.0          nfs.conf                    skel
binfmt.d                  healthd.conf     nfsmount.conf               slsh.rc
bluetooth                 host.conf        nftables.conf               smartd.conf
btrfs-assistant.conf      hostname         nginx                       snapper
ca-certificates           hosts            nilfs_cleanerd.conf         ssh
cifs-utils                idmapd.conf      nscd.conf                   ssl
cni                       ifplugd          nsswitch.conf               subgid
conf.d                    ImageMagick-7    ntp.conf                    subgid-
credstore                 inputrc          nvidia-container-runtime    subuid
credstore.encrypted       iproute2         openldap                    subuid-
cron.daily                iptables         openmpi                     sudo.conf
cron.hourly               issue            openpmix                    sudoers
crypttab                  kernel           openvpn                     sudoers.d
daxctl.conf.d             keyutils         os-release                  sudo_logsrvd.conf
dconf                     krb5.conf        pacman.conf                 sysctl.d
debuginfod                ld.so.cache      pacman.d                    systemd
default                   ld.so.conf       pam.d                       timezone
depmod.d                  ld.so.conf.d     papersize                   tmpfiles.d
dkms                      libaudit.conf    paperspecs                  tpm2-tss
dnsmasq.conf              libblockdev      passwd                      trusted-key.key
docker                    libinput         passwd-                     ts.conf
dracut.conf               libnl            passwd.OLD                  udev
dracut.conf.d             libpaper.d       pinentry                    udisks2
e2scrub.conf              libsmbios        pipewire                    updatedb.conf
ebtables.conf             libva.conf       pkcs11                      UPower
environment               locale.conf      pki                         usb_modeswitch.conf
eos-apps-info             locale.gen       polkit-1                    usb_modeswitch.d
eos-dracut.conf           localtime        ppp                         usb_modeswitch.setup
eos-log-tool.conf         login.defs       profile                     vconsole.conf
eos-quickstart.conf       logrotate.conf   profile.d                   vdpau_wrapper.cfg
eos-rankmirrors.conf      logrotate.d      protocols                   vimrc
eos-script-lib-yad.conf   lsb-release      pulse                       vpnc
eos-sendlog.conf          lvm              rc_keymaps                  wgetrc
eos-update-notifier.conf  machine-id       rc_maps.cfg                 wpa_supplicant
ethertypes                mailcap          reflector-simple.conf       X11
exports                   mail.rc          reflector-simple-tool.conf  xattr.conf
exports.d                 makepkg.conf     request-key.conf            xdg
firewall                  man_db.conf      request-key.d               xinetd.d
firewalld                 mdadm.conf       resolv.conf                 xl2tpd
fonts                     mime.types       resolvconf.conf             xtables.conf
fstab                     mke2fs.conf      rpc                         zsh
fuse.conf                 ModemManager     rsyncd.conf
fwupd                     modprobe.d       sddm.conf

Because we use dracut instead!

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ah, it works. Thank you

Oh, and welcome aboard btw!

welcome on your dive into the purple waters :enos:
way thats my new one, to welcome…

Wonder what would be the musical outcome if Roger Waters had joined Deep Purple :thinking:

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you should … ask this musical AI :point_right: :knot: :magic_wand: :notes:
could have an interesting outcome!

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:notes: Smoke on the water
:notes: And pigs in the sky