Minecraft under 1.12 doesnt start

Hello, first of all thank you for endeavour os, I love it.
I’ve installed minecraft launcher from snap in pamac and launcher works fine, but when I want to start minecraft version 1.12 or older it crashed with exit code 0.

Thanks for help :wink:

They may need an older version of the Java JVM.

Which versions of Java do you have installed?

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Thanks for reply,

I am using now 1.18 on EOS and its fast!!! On windows ive got like 30-40 fps and on EOS I am getting 80-100! Thank you so much. Have a nice day

Woah Woah!
Don’t forget about Worst vulnerability in the last 10 years!

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Isn’t that a log4j vuln? Also, Minecraft released patches even for older versions.

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You might need Java 8 for those older versions.

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Yes it’s log4j…I’ve read somewhere recently that those early patches ain’t really helping yet, although not sure about Minecraft specifically…Just a headsup anyway :upside_down_face:

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