Microsoft Programs/Pages lag entire system to the point of unusability

Hey all. I’m not entirely sure I expect a solution to this, just because I’ve given up finding solutions for Microsoft products, but I thought I’d ask anyway. If I install Edge, it either opens, churns its chubby wheels for a minute, then crashes; or, my cursor and everything else starts to lag like crazy and continues to do so until I give up waiting and force a restart.

Recently, I’ve been noticing the same problem happening on occasion if I open web pages for Teams and other MS products. Outlook seems to be a notable exception, and I don’t use much besides it and Teams very often, but I think I remember it happening with Onedrive when I opened it a couple of weeks ago and Teams seems to have a bit more than fifty percent chance of making me force a shutdown.

Nothing even remotely similar has happened with anything other than Microsoft products.

Any thoughts? I do have an older laptop that’s had some other odd problems, but I’ve opened all these pages just fine on Ubuntu Web (which I did in fact install Edge on too) as well as a Brunchware ChromeOS install, both prior to switching to Endeavour.

Are you using Edge on EndeavourOS? Running it on any Linux is expected to be less impressive since it was optimized for Windows. :man_shrugging:

If you rely very much on M$ products, remain on Windows for it.

Yeah… College uses them by default. Absolute pain in the neck. I would just switch back, but I don’t honestly think this laptop will run acceptably well with an operating system as obese as Windows on it.

I’ll live. I don’t really need Edge, I just heard something about Office 365 apps having more features if you’re running Edge (absolute scam…). Teams is annoying but I can open my phone if it keeps this up. I just thought I’d ask and see.



Open it from the terminal and post the error message here after it crashed.

My thoughts would be that your system has some problems, be it hardware or config wise. All works just fine for me.

Maybe try to remove the config folder and start with a fresh profile for Edge.

Drop out of college. Find something better that doesn’t use M$ crap.


But you guys are using Windows in your college, right? So nothing to change about that, unfortunately, and otherwise your education for your future is far more important.

Did your college supply you with the portable computer you’re using? Are you able to get a new one? A different kind of bummer, you might have to purchase a better computer which could handle Windows. Again, this is only for the sake of your education.

I sounded arrogant in my earlier post, but it’s a sad fact and it’s everywhere in the world, where at the end of the day, the merchant is only interested in results which produce profits. Enough said, beginning to sound political.

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I can reinstall it and post an error log, but I reinstalled the entire OS to switch DE’s and the bug has happened under both desktops and installs, so I’m not very confident it has anything to do with my configs. Ancient processor, more likely.

College didn’t supply me with one, I might be able to borrow one from OIT but it’s not that big of a deal. Other browsers can access everything fine, I just thought it would be convenient to do all my school stuff in a separate browser. Mental compartmentalization.

I use Chromium for that purpose. FF for regular browsing, Chromium for Google Meet without frying my computer.

What is the hardware?

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

You are asking about Microsoft programs. Are you running Windows?

I’m asking about microsoft web apps. Edge does it as well (there’s a native install in the AUR) but more specifically, any time I open certain Microsoft web-based applications on any browser this happens.

I’m not familiar with Microsoft web apps nor would i use them. :man_shrugging:

Edit: Do you mean like Microsoft office? I’m not sure what program in the AUR you are referring to? Edge browser?

Edit: I’m assuming you mean using Microsoft web apps in a browser like this?

As I’ve already stated in this thread, I have little interest in using anything M$ related, but my college uses them by default. As soon as I graduate in two years, I’ll post on here again and we can all celebrate my freedom from obese office workflow apps.

Microsoft put out an install for Edge a while ago. The AUR package is named microsoft-edge-stable-bin (maybe it’s in the official repos? iirc I could only install it using yay).

That does appear to be the place to find the web apps. If you log into a microsoft account from there, it takes you to a 365 screen where you can launch documents in various Microsoft programs, but in web windows. Very similar to Google Drive’s homepage.

Okay now i understand what you are talking about. I don’t run The Edge browser that can be built from the AUR. I use Firefox and Chromium. Are you not able to run these from another browser?

At the moment, I’m using Brave and the problem is still there. It also happened earlier with Gmail, though… Are there any commonalities that anyone knows of?

Have you tested the web apps through a non-Chromium browser like Firefox? Just curious to see if it’s related. Nothing on the web version gains any advantage from using Edge/Chrome from my experience, it’s just a compatibility thing.

I’ll give that a shot when I’m not swamped with schoolwork. I mainly use Brave for the tracker blocking and other built in security but I’m open to just using browser extensions for that.

Just use Firefox and ublock origin.