Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for 2019

Christmas is nearing and another year is about to close. I’ve said it before butI’ll say it again: 2019 was a year for the books for us.

It actually feels like last week when I proposed to keep the community feeling on another platform when Antergos announced their end.
As you know, when Joe, Fernando and Manuel joined me the course of the direction changed.

Now we’re here 7 months later down the road with a distro that made a dream start and an excellent community.

We are grateful to the core community members that followed us from Antergos and also the ones who joined us after EndeavourOS was launched.
Your input, whether it’s helping another community member, donating or helping in the development, has surpassed our expectations. Thank you all so much for this fantastic year.

Having said that, I want to thank some individuals for their continuous drive and support:

@fernandomaroto, @joekamprad, @manuel

Thank you for putting up with me, you kept sticking with me even when I was unrealistic, impatient, panicking or angry.
I can’t express how grateful I am for the work you did and are doing, it certainly is a privilege to be on this journey with you at my side.
We did it and we certainly can be proud of what we did, I love you guys!!!


When we still were on the Antergos forum, I approached you to join us. Your answer was that you were too busy and couldn’t commit to a project like this.
When we lost our original visual designer (due to my impatience) you came through and gave EndeavourOS it’s branding.
Thank you for giving us that valuable gift and EndeavourOS is as much your baby as it is for Joe, Fernando, Manuel and me.


You approached me before we had a website to put the Spanish Endeavour Telegram group as part of your group and ever since it is rolling smooth, without us having to worry that our Spanish community is taken care of.
Muchos gracias, senor.

@Ringo, thank you for your effortless input on the forum but most importantly on Telegram. You’ve been with us since the early beginning and never stopped showing your support.

@Ricklinux, like Ringo you’ve been with us since the early beginnings and your support in the forum and also behind the scene is priceless. Thank you so much for showing up every day and for sharing your knowledge with the community.

@FredBezies, What can I say to you? Without your testing and advice, EndeavourOS wouldn’t be in the current state. Thank you for finding time for us in your busy Linux life.

@Pudge and @Resiliencia We go a long way, thank you for coming along with us and for your input and effort (Pudge thank you for the advice you gave me, that I could use for Discovery.)

@FLVAL You joined us recently and you already contributed for a year. Thank you for your advice and for keeping Endeavour in the right orbit.

@anotherusername and @UncleMez Thank you for your enthusiasm and your valuable input. You’ve joined recently and we hope you stay with us for a while.

@FLVAL, @folgui, @juanprm, @VlPo, @VanQuijote, @Xterminator, @patryk, @Anticupidon and @DevNul

Without you, Endeavour announcements were only available in English. Thank you so much for taking the time to translate my waterfall of words, I call announcements.

Moses Narrow

Thank you for joining and helping bring more technical articles to Discovery, I have a feeling we can make great things together.


Thank you so much in finding time to sort out the legal stuff.

To show you our appreciation we have a gift for you.

This weekend we will release the community development release of the net-installer

Keep an eye out on the announcement.



Thank you guys! Keep up the good work!
Season’s greetings to all of You!



I’m on tears, what a lovely post, thanks to you, all of this is a great team effort, let’s keep rocking! :heart_eyes:


Excerpt from Jethro Tull’s album The Jethro Tull Christmas Album:



I found EndeavourOS from OTB Youtube channel. I installed it and I have had some issues that were fixed because of the Great Support Forum and Community which make using it a dream!
I want to thank everyone for all their hard work and making a great Distro with a really Cool Name that I was drawn to from the start… Thank you one and all!


@Bryanpwo Well… You made me blush! I saw EndeavourOS in its early days and told myself: “It is going to be an interesting project because it does not provide 100 packages in its own repository. It uses Calamares… Let’s try!”

The rest is history now. I was helping Anarchy Linux because I liked the idea behind the project. The same for EndeavourOS. Using Calamares - and not creating another installer - was the way to go for me.

I wanted to bring my knowledge to this project. So thanks goes to you, @fernandomaroto, @joekamprad and @manuel for creating it.


And, of course, a HUGE thank you from the community to the only member of the team omitted from the post (because he wrote it). To @Bryanpwo, thank you for all of your hard work, countless hours, and immeasurable contributions to this project.

I hope you and everyone here gets some time off, some well-deserved rest, and lots of joyful time with family/ friends this holiday season!

Thank you all for a wonderful 2019. Can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring for this amazing distro!



A big big big thank you @Bryanpwo !

  • He is the one doing all that work on providing the forum and server we do use now!
  • Bryan is connecting us with social media blogger vloggers and taking care of the future for EndeavourOS protecting us and securing the web structure day by day!

:rocket: :fist: :vulcan_salute:


This is to all of you, the community, those who de this possble, and Bryan Pwo in perticular.

Happy forking chrismas to Ya’ll!


That’s some cool drumming!


Merry Christmas :christmas_tree::gift: :santa:t3: from Romania :romania: too​:wink::sunglasses::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Happy Soltice, everyone! :christmas_tree:


I hope you all have a very nice and happy holiday, I heartily tell you!
Maybe and it’s almost likely that we don’t have a good time here at home … but hey, we’re going to try to make them as good as possible.

Of course, thank you all for what you do and for what will come, which will surely be very enriching, I would have liked to do more and be more useful, but I could not, and I swear that I have tried, anyway … belong to EOS is an honor and a privilege !!

They are the best, forever!



This Linux (EndeavourOS) is utterly unapologetic in catering to technology hobbyists, enthusiasts, and power users. It’s for the amateurs, in that best and most original sense of the word—those who love what they do. Awesome. So isn’t Endeavour the perfect name?


Full context:


@Resiliencia, Don’t beat yourself up for not doing enough, you have done plenty!! We are really pleased you joined us on this journey.

I know this must be a hard time for you and your family and even though times are tough, I wish you all the best and love, not only in this time of year but all the time.


One of my favourite articles written about us this year!


A Happy Christmas to all of you involved in creating this delightful distro! Your hard work has truly paid off.


I want to wish you a merry Christmas, to all of you who make Endeavor possible, and to thank all the effort and dedication you put into making this move forward.
My best wishes for the new year. :sonriente: :clinking_glasses: :tada:


The first Christmas time for EndeavourOS, this belongs to history ! :rocket:

I wish a beautiful Christmas time to all of You in being grateful to the passionate Team who pushes for elevation.

A special Thanks for the 3 heros @fernandomaroto, @joekamprad and @manuel who made this real. I also Thanks @Bryanpwo who after hard time still brings his energy to take care of the Team and EOS. Then I will keep a merci to @FredBezies without who I will not know this universe and as a preference for passionate people I couldn’t forget @Pudge who has certainly a passion for computer over time than all of us together which I call respect.

And @ricklinux, the Argentinian @Resiliencia, @ringo who help, test, translate, bring solution etc…incredible, always with good energy on the forum. Also, Thanks to all the Translators that brings EOS accessible to others countries.

I don’t know everybody still, these last time was too much full for it but we will cross perhaps here one day.

Joyeux Noël :evergreen_tree: