A little christmas gift to EndeavourOS team :)

You may know I’m the owner of a french speaking blog. I wrote an article, and here is the part related to EndeavourOS. A rough translation using deepl.com fixed a little both for the language and for the forum.

Source: http://frederic.bezies.free.fr/blog/?p=19300

Informatically speaking, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The project EndeavourOS finally released the installation ISO image that works both offline and networked.

After a false start due to an archlinuxian incident, as I mentioned in this post, the team worked very hard to finally release the ISO image. I had made my contribution by proposing ISO images of tests…

Without the work of developers like @joekamprad , @fernandomaroto or @manuel to propose a very lightly edited and easily installable Archlinux - maintenance is another matter - I couldn’t have done much!

By the way, I have been thanked with others by the great project leader, @Bryanpwo.

I’ll let you discover the whole article because I’m only one link in the chain among others.

One should not forget the work of Florent alias @FLVAL for the artwork of the installer and translator of the annoucements I share, except for my week of holidays. The translation of the announcement is available on the forum.

Since my laptop is based on an Intel T4200 processor castrated for virtualization, I can’t offer video. That’s why I use @joekamprad one showing the network installation.

It is my little christmas gift! Hope you liked it!


Thank you, Fred for your Christmas present.
I’m curious how your novel is going to be…

You’re welcome. And my novel? It is based on some short tales I’ve written for my godchildren: stories with dragons, princesses, knights… Only 150 pages for now… Fighting now to find ideas and finish the 30 remaining pages I have to write before working on publishing it as an ebook on Amazon…