Mention one or more popular distributions that you have never used

I used to distro hop a lot. I have used all major distros leaving two.

Gentoo & Slackware.

What about you ?

Those of you who have used both Gentoo & Arch please tell if you have found any major difference between the two. Both follow a similar approach of being bleeding edge so I am curious. What are the differences ?

I haven’t used most of them. It’s far easier to list the ones I have used:

  1. Buntu (not using any more)
  2. Debian (not on desktop)
  3. Arch
  4. Manjaro (not using any more)
  5. EndeavourOS
  6. Fedora (just tried it out for a couple of hours, this is my backup if I can’t use Arch any more)
  7. Garuda (just tried it out for a couple of hours)

I haven’t used any other Linux distro. I’m interested in trying out Gentoo, but I’ll wait until I’m retired, so I have the time to compile everything :rofl:

Besides, I don’t even like Linux, but I have to use something until GNU Hurd becomes a viable option, and of all the options currently on the table, Linux is the one that sucks the least. It still sucks, though.


I have never used Gentoo, slack, fedora, Suse and Linux Mint (but have installed Linux Mint for somebody else).

I have used - Red Hat >> Mandrake >> Mandriva >> Ubuntu (for a week!) >> Linux Mint Debian >> Manjaro >> Here!

Not bad since 1996!


There are no major distros I haven’t used at one time or another.

If you exclude the “single person spin” type distros, there are very minor distros I haven’t at least tested out.

The amount of distros I have used that no longer exist is far greater than I can remember. :nerd_face:

Good luck with that. :sweat_smile:

I am not sure that Hurd is any closer to becoming a viable option than it was 10 years ago.


Give it time! Greatness cannot be rushed. :slight_smile:


Soon ™

People gotta have faith in something…as well as frogs :frog:


Never have I ever. . . .used Gentoo.

(For any non US folks - this is a drinking game here)

Slackware, LFS, nixOS. I have tried practically everything else. <3 EOS.

I’ve never even tried to use Ubuntu and diverse *buntus. Went to Mint directly and after a couple days was saved by my guru who abducted and forced me on Manjaro. The rest is history. :nerd_face:

Tested but not used: Fedora, Mageia, AntiX, diverse Puppies, Solus, Zorin, PCLos, Lite, Q4OS, Gecko, Makulu, Kylin …

Failed to install Suse, Debian proper, Siduction, Red Hat, vanilla Arch, RHEL, Oracle … many others.

Never used:
Vanilla Arch

I have distro hopped through so many others I can’t remember them all.

I noticed a number of people have listed slackware as a major distro they haven’t used.

Do we still consider slackware a major distro?

When I first started with linux slackware was one of the largest(if not the largest) linux distros at the time. These days it feels like more of a niche distro.


Dunno. Maybe limited to the DistroWatch top 20?

Given the last “stable” version was realeased 5 years ago, and there doesn’t appear to be anything that Slack brings to the table to interest an archer…probably not?

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DistroWatch is irrelevant.

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I’ve never used Slackware, Debian, Garuda, Zorin or MX Linux. I used Gentoo for less than a week because I was in way over my head at the time.

MacOS! :laughing:

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Fair enough, then I’ve never used Scientific Linux or Hannah Montana Linux.

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I have never used MX, Fedora, and Open Suse