Megasync does not run after update


After recent OS updates megasync no longer runs. Starting it manually from the shell gives this:

Avoiding wayland
QSettings::value: Empty key passed
QSettings::value: Empty key passed

Does anybody have suggestions on how to solve this?



Welcome to the community. :wave:

Seems to be yet another Wayland issue?

If you are on Wayland, please try switching your session to x11/Xorg like this:

Logout > look for Plasma (wayland) and click on it > select Xorg/X11 > log back in > try megasync again.

This thread has some helpful tips you may need as well.

hey @mioukrio welcome to the purple ride :enos:

But yea a bit more info about the used Desktop // WM X11 or wayland session would help.
MegaSync is not a package from official repos, it’s a user maintained build instruction from the AUR:

Hello, full X11 here and same problem.
Tried both pacman and their installer - both fail.
My solution:

sudo downgrade megasync

and choose version 4.12.2-1

I’ve accepted to put it in /etc/pacman.conf IgnorePkg:

IgnorePkg = megasync

“It just works”

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@ddnn Thanks for the welcoming and reply.

It does not seem to be a Wayland issue. Switching to X11 does not work. The “avoiding wayland” output is gone but MegaSync still stops.

I’ve started a case with the Mega folks. I’ll report back…

@storm Same results here. Reinstalling does not help either. Hopefully the Mega folks have something that works. I may try your solution if nothing else works.

@joekamprad Here is some more info.

I have Mega on a couple other machines. The bad one is the first one that I upgraded and is the only one that broke. I used arch-update on the bad one.

On the 2nd one I used yay. No issues there. The latest Mega version plays fine with the latest OS and Wayland.

On the 3rd one I used the Welcome app. No issues there also.

I am not that familiar with arch-update. Perhaps I was not conservative enough with some of the cleanup options. Is there an update log? Maybe it’s an orphan issue? Downgrading megasync as suggested by @storm sounds like a good way to determine if its a Mega or an OS issue.

Regardless of Mega and in general, I’m not thrilled with this OS update, but they are just cosmetic issues.

What even is arch-update?

1 aur/arch-update 1.14.1-1 (+8 2.64) (Installed)
An update notifier/applier that assists you with important pre/post update tasks.

Another option with these kinds of apps is that sometimes your configs don’t work well with the new update. You could try backing up your Mega config folder (just rename the folder) and try launching Mega again to see if it launches as expected.

The issue with this method, of course, is that you’d have to relink all your syncs.

Looks like it’s trying to get something from the Mega servers via SSL:

tcp        0      0 gigawatt:49060 ESTABLISHED
tcp        0      0 gigawatt:49070 ESTABLISHED

But key is wrong or missing of failing to pass:

QSettings::value: Empty key passed
QSettings::value: Empty key passed

2 tries resulting in 2 sockets remaining open for as long as the app box is open:

Either OK or Cancel result in closing the app and sockets without doing the “Security upgrade” and this is thrown:

Hmmm… is “n” a valid name? Mega is based in New Zealand so I would think “nz” would be the correct one. I wonder where this “n” comes from? Getting truncated? Where?

Just downloaded Megasync from the Mega website (the Arch Linux .zst file), installed it and logged in. All good over here.

So again:

Note: This works for me using x11/Xorg. I won’t be testing it in Wayland because I don’t use Wayland.

Also, it could be the install method - that is Arch .zst file, AUR, Flatpak, etc. - that makes the difference rather than your configs or using Wayland vs x11/Xorg. But I have a strong feeling that this issue is just a config folder issue.

I think so too. Like I mentioned earlier, I have it running just fine on my other machines with Wayland and same version OS.

Perhaps config issue, like you suggest, or broken dependency.

Awaiting input from the Mega folks…

Not sure what you’ve tried, so I’ll ask directly (please try them, then tell us the results):

  • Did you actually rename/delete the Mega config folder and then try to launch the app?
  • Did you try a different install method (AUR, Flatpak, .zst file, etc.)?
  • Did you try launching the app from an x11/Xorg session (after doing the two above)?

I had a case open with Mega and they finally escalated to the developers and provided a solution. The MegaSync client is working again :smiley:

The steps that worked:

1- Delete the whole MEGAsync folder under /.local/share/data/Mega Limited/
2- Uninstall the MegaSync app
3- Install a new fresh instance from

Of course, sync and backup had to be reconfigured an a few file version conflicts had to be resolved.

Two dependencies were picked up and a lot of Qt related stuff kept scrolling during the install. It looks like the reason it broke might be because of some severed dependency from when I run arch-update.

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This is quite literally the same thing I suggested. The issue could have been fixed 11 days ago. :laughing:

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